Friday, October 8, 2010

Priorities... Its All About Priorities...

No baby yet...

Just thought I would clear the air right away for all those that are wondering and waiting for some good news. I went to the Dr. yesterday and Im only 2 cm??!! What the hay? Its my 6th, I should be at least near 4 by now?? Sigh... oh well. Only God knows why. Im hoping its because he is waiting for our new laptop to arrive in the mail first so we can take it to the hospital. Hey, I have my priorities ;0.

I think we are the only ones on the planet without a laptop but that will change soon. Hubby ordered his new Mac powerbook pro... ( I think thats the name). Its for his school mostly but you all know I will have my little sticky fingers all over that whenever I can. Ha! He did say he would, W-O-U-L-D get me my very own laptop with tax money...

RIGHT HONEY??... You DO remember saying that???

I don't need a fancy one. Just a simple cheesy Dell would do. I see them for $300 or so. But a nice color is a must. Im thinking green!

With so many people in the house and a very uncomfortable computer area, I figure I will let the kids use the one PC and the one MAC for their school and internet stuff. Hubby will be plastered to his powerbook pro for a while and I can escape to my cozy bedroom with my green Dell (with Sweet P. of course) and blog away...

Anyway, We need this other laptop to arrive before baby does so we can keep family members updated. We have SO MANY wonderful family that live out of state that will be waiting for pictures and news and updates so we are praying it comes SOON!

I went to the Dr yesterday and to my sad sad disappointment, Im only 2 measly, teeny tiny Cm. It was very upsetting but the Dr did say that if I don't change by tuesday I will be admitted the night before my induction to ease things along a bit gentler. I had mixed feelings about that. The only negative is my kids, my leaving my sweet kids for another day... but other than that I gave her the thumbs up. Jason would stay the night and it would be a "date night..." HA HA HA! He could bring up take-out, we can eat and hang. Party on the 4th floor. You doubt me? Ha.... then you have no idea....

Hey, don't judge k.... its the little things people...

I could knit and we could watch tv and hang until the next morning when they actually do start my induction.

I still have not packed my hospital bag. I have no motivation to do so??? I know it has to be done but I just don't feel like it.... what is wrong with me...

But I will be leaving soon to go buy some cute pajamas for the hospital. Gotta look semi-decent if people come to visit right?

Hey, its all about priorities... but im 9 months pregnant.... I never said they were the right ones...

I think I need to re-watch some "Daniel" dvd's...

Pray for me =p

Xoxo GapGirl


  1. I was admitted the night before for our first. It was actually our best induction experience. It was a date night (since we didn't have any kids, yet). We watched a movie and ate cookies. The next day I didn't even need my water broken, it all happened so fast. We had a baby by noon. With the others, I've gone in around 7 am and baby arrives around 3 pm with the Dr breaking my water on her lunch hour. I preferred the first time when I got the cervadil the night before. I think it sped things along. Best of luck to you! I'm going in Monday morning if baby doesn't come on his own this weekend. I'm trying accupressure currently. Sure would like to go into labor on my own, but not holding my breath! Anyway, we'll both have new babies soon.


  2. Pryaing for you and the baby...

  3. So exciting!!
    We have been praying for you during women's prayer.

  4. Maybe Baby knows you haven't packed and that's why she won't come out?!? :-)

  5. well, think of it this way....

    its 2 CM that didn't require painful contractions to get :)

    And we don't have a laptop in our house either. My husband has a work one, but it stays at work. I'm begging for one for Christmas!

  6. Your twitter says you are at the hospital so I'm hoping you have a sweet baby soon (if not already!). Thinking of your family and prayers for you, especially Sweet P. :)



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