Monday, August 24, 2009

Did You Feel It???

This morning, I opened our sliding door and entered our screened porch and felt the cool breezy morning air. The sun was hidden behind some clouds and the birds were busy singing. Before long, the kids followed me out and before long all 7 of us were sitting at the table, talking and starting school. Fall was in the air. It was coming... we still have time before it gets here but its not far behind. I felt it and I can't wait. One week until September 1st. Thats the start of the season in our home. Last night I located the decorations in our garage and smiled as I pulled out all the memories. My list is long of things I wish to add to the lawn this year... scarecrows galore, leaves,gourds,haystacks,cornstalks.... I will be dreaming of pumpkins and mums tonight and counting down the days till I decorate our beautiful Little Red House!


  1. I am so curious as to why you have the Private Residence sign, do you live somewhere where people do not understand boundaries or where there are homes to visit? I guess I am being nosy.

    Also God bless your heart for teaching your babies at home, good for you and it sounds like your plan is really a good one.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. I am excited for fall too, btw, I switched my blog back, I just need to blog now! And, if you come to TN on vacation, maybe we could meet! I live about an hour from Gatlinburg, it's gorgeous in the fall!



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