Monday, September 1, 2008

There Is Another One Coming...

 Strange title for announcing such a happy occasion huh? Well it corresponds quite nicely to the responses I have been getting on the upcoming birth of baby #6. Jason and I are excited about the new baby, the kids are beyond thrilled!!... other people on the other hand, have not been as enthusiastic.  Some reactions have been...
"Don't you people have a t.v.?"
"I think 6 is too many..."
"You know you did have a choice.."
 "Im going to come down there and personally chop your hubby's...."
  How nice.


  1. Congratulations! Hey - I'm way excited for you guys! I knew there was another little one in the future! Six kids aren't that many!!! ;) Ha, ha - I'm still telling ya - you should have moved to Utah, you and your large, beautiful family would fit right in!!! Love you!

  2. aww what a beautiful first pic!! are you guys going to find out if you are having a boy or girl? Excited for ya and smack some of those people with those comments!

  3. I personally think you're CRAZY!!! ;) But if anyone can do it I know you can! You run that family like a fine oiled machine! I'm happy that you're happy and that the kids are too!!!! God has given you such a blessing...can't wait to hear it all.



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