Friday, August 22, 2008

Joe... Just Call Me JOE!

Meet Joe... our mixer! Yes, he has a name. Emma named him many many moons ago. I can't quite remember the year but I do remember she was still in diapers AND in pre-school. Considering she is in Junior High now... it was a LONG time ago. We were so excited to buy this mixer. Kohls had a fantabulous sale and for some reason it was marked $99!... WHAT??? Impossible. I have never seen them that low then or now. But when we got to the cash register thats exactly what we paid. We skipped and hopped right out of the store.(I have been checking weekly since then and have NEVER seen it that low since that day!) We brought this little heavy homeless piece of metal home and sat it on our table. Even the girls were excited... as little as they were. We could now mix and bake and cook till our hearts content. "He needs a name..." Jason immediately said. 
"What about Joe daddy?" Emma squealed in her minnie mouse voice. (the popular name in our home that year was Joe. A boy in her class that was in love with her and the mom used to buy flowers and candy for her... im not kidding)
"Hmm, Joe is a good sturdy name. DONE! Your now joe."
Ever since then thats what we call it. Im serious. Everyone in the house calls the mixer Joe... "Im using Joe" "Put it in Joe..." "Somethings wrong with Joe..."
 I don't even think the babies know to call it a mixer. When they see one in the stores its a Joe!!!
 Anyway, why am I blogging about this?? There has been recent mixer talk in my home. Family members in Utah asked my hubby which mixer would be the best to buy. Jason is the perfect one to ask. He knows mixers better than anyone! He fixes them for a living!! Hobart Mixers to be exact. Hands down.. a kitchen aid. They will make your babies first birthday cake and still be around to mix the wedding cake (if your super handy dandy!) So Uncle Neil and Aunt Krissy are now the proud owners of a Kitchen aid mixer. I know many happy times will be had with theirs. Its a purchase that will follow them thru many many years.
 Jason has Big Papa Joe in the garage in pieces. He is slowly rebuilding a mixer that is 4 times (its true) the size of Joe. At the rate our family is going we will need something bigger in just a few years. But we will never forsake Joe. He will forever remain on our counter celebrating happy times with us!


  1. I love it!! I want a Joe, too!!! Maybe ours would be Bob, though... Oh wait, our remote is named Bob, maybe Bill. That's a good one!

  2. That is so cute! So far our kitchen aid is still just sitting in its box on the kitchen floor. We hope to use it soon, we have been busy planning Mikade's birthday party. So, I feel like I got a good deal, (but not nearly as great of deal as you!) We bought it from Bed Bath and Beyond - the original price was $300 and we had a 20% off coupon - which was $60 off then there was also a $40 rebate! So it only cost us $200. Wahooo!



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