Thursday, August 21, 2008

Aunt Krissy's Banana Bread

Today I attempted to make Aunt Krissy's banana bread recipe. She claims it is the best so I just had to try. Before today I never had any luck with homemade BB. It either would not cook all the way. Was too hard, or just yucky. But today was a success!!!! I had some frozen old ripe bananas in my freezer. I was getting so tired of throwing them out when they got too brown. So off to the freezer I would toss them. I had collected quite a few. After the girls did their school work today the baking began. I pulled up her recipe and followed it step by step. I was SO happy when I pulled my first piece and the moist delicious bread melted in my mouth. Its 8 p.m. The babies are sleeping and the girls are upstairs. I think my couch is calling me. A nice tall glass of milk and a slice of bread  is exactly what the dr. ordered. Thank you Aunt krissy for sharing your baking secrets... and Happy Anniversary by the way... may you have 9... bazillion more xoxo


  1. awww man you should have invited me over and I could have offically been your taster for the bread lol!!! looks sooo yummy!

  2. Ewww look how dirty my oven is. Ha ha. Its time I clean it huh?

  3. Hooray!!! I'm so glad you made it - and loved it. It's the best for sure! Next time I make it I will be using our new Kitchen Aid! Wahoooo!



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