Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Joined

I joined a new yahoo group today. Im not one for signing up for different "group." I think they can be kind of lame. You know.. I love my dog group or obsessed with karaoke group but this certain one I have been wrestling with for months. Its called Large Family logistics. Its run by a christian homeschooling mom of 9 kids. They are all "normal" and live on a farm somewhere n the midwest. The activities and things they do are amazing and inspiring to say the least. For instance... they grow a garden, can all the harvest, they are re-enacting the pioneer days this year for homeschooling. They made all the "costumes" and turned their family room into a one room school house. They poured cement in their backyard for their old fashioned wood brick oven her and her children are making and on the side they entered the state fair and showed off all their live stock. AMAZING!!! This was just some of the things they did this summer. They cook from scratch, sew anything, swim in lakes and even started a cooking blog to go along with her large family blog. WOW. I have been following Kim for several months on her own blog but she has not been blogging lately because of the baby. I can only imagine what else they have been doing. Im excited to start my own homeschooling adventure but Im not sure my HOA will allow cattle and brick ovens..hmmm is that in my manuel? I must check. In the meantime I will keep you posted=)

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