Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Have Decided...

To pack up the house, kids and hubby and live on the road. Ok, maybe its a bit unrealistic but I have become quite bored with the American lifestyle and want a change!!! If money were not an option oh how my life would be different. Unfortunately I was raised a bit pri-madonna-ish. After 12 years out of the house it has gone away quite a bit but I still hold on to a love for modern electric and clean water. Darn. Oh well. Maybe in time that will leave me too. ;) I must admit, there is a certain fascination with living out of an rv, homeschooling the kids and giving them a Masters degree in life! How wonderful to study the world while discovering the world? Hmmm. That has my brain turning. I already have been picking apart my homeschooling curriculum. Im "creating my own." Im loving it! Who needs conventional cookie cutter teachers (no offense Megan xoxo) A little dose of me will do wonders. I always said I have gypsie blood running through my veins. Its a good thing Jason agrees. Hmmm, perhaps I need to break out Dr. Seuss for inspiration... "Oh the places we can go..."

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