Sunday, August 10, 2008

Homeschooling Adventures Begin

My little red school house opens for business tomorrow at 9... ok 9 ish.... Bright and early we will be up, eating breakfast, doing our chores and then sitting at the table to begin our day. The girls are so excited as I am!! Many people look at me strange because im not waving pom poms at the thought of the big yellow savior coming to cart my kids away. Don't get me wrong. I used to! I was the loudest mom at the bus stop crying tears of joy and dancing the irish jig all the way back to my home. I counted the seconds till the first day and dreaded vacations... Ok not all the time but when your NOT used to having your kids around, it can be rather frightening. Why the change you ask??? I don't have a definitive answer for you. God called me to do this, I fought, I said NO!! He pryed my eyes and heart open till I surrendered. Now I can't even imagine sending my kids off to be filled by some stranger. My kids are not driving me nuts yet. I mean they are to a certain extent. They do every day. I have 5 of them, their bound to make my eyes crossed. But not enough to send them off. Im excited to teach them about the world, the way I see it. Pure and innocent. I get to decide what views they learn about, what goals they need to achieve and what ranks most important in the world. Why would I even thing about changing that? I will spend less time teaching about global warming, ozone layers and pollution and more time on Jesus's ministry. After all I have read the book of Revelations and I know how the story ends...(here is a guess... its not due to filled landfills or smokey air) I will teach how the world started out of Love. The creation of time. They will learn the effects of the flood and how the Grand Canyon really came to be. I assure you education is important to me, you have to be educated but thats not my main goal. My main priority for my children is their eternal salvation. That when they stand before their God, they are recognized as His child. After all. I will have to stand in account for how I raised these gifts I were given. I don't think God will remind me how I didn't teach the Table of Elements just right. He will ask me why I didn't teach them what He did for us. How much He loves us and How we could spend eternity with Him. THOSE are my goals for my children. They will be taught as I teach them about the world. They will be emphasized in science lessons and History and Math. They will be studied during geography lessons and reviewed before spelling words. What are your goals for your children?


  1. Somehow, somewhere, we started equating a good education with holiness. How did this happen? We feel like we fail as parents if we don't teach them about a whole bunch of inconsequential junk we, as people, invented. We are so bizarre... You are teaching me a lot. I'm excited for you guys!!

  2. awesome I can't wait to read your blog tomorrow to see how everything went!!!

  3. I saw a link to your blog on Amy's blog : ) Just wanted to say congrats on starting the adventure : ) It's such hard work, but very rewarding at the same time. My pastor once said that you can send your child to every university out there, but until you teach them about the will of God, you haven't done anything to educate them at all! So true! We're in our 6th week...started early, but not sure I'll do that next year. Too many things still going on in the summertime! : )



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