Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twas The Night Before Apple Picking....

...And all through our house. The kiddies were screeching but not from a mouse!
 That kind of describes the mood our home had yesterday as I told all the kids that in the morning we would be headed up to NC to Mt. McAlpine to pick some fresh juicy apples from SkyTop Orchard. To be quite honest, I think Jason and I are more excited!! I can't wait. The weather is going to be cool and crisp, the sun will be shining and our bellies will be ready! 
 The kids excitement spilled out into the street last night as they played and chased the neighbors up and down our street. Our air had a bit of crisp fall coolness in it and all our neighbors were out enjoying the breeze. We chatted and laughed. The babies were thrilled to be able to finally run up and down the street with the big kids.
 Bedtime rolled around and all I heard was... "I can't sleep mommy,Im too excited about tomorrow..."
 Tomorrow is here and we are ready!! (ok, we are not but we are headed in that direction!!) Jason is making me a nice egg breakfast, Hannah is finishing her math at the table and I will start packing the picnic as soon as possible. In two hours this train will be headed up, up, up to the sky...(ok maybe just a few thousand  feet but thats still high!) Lets hope the kids don't drive us crazy on the ride up. Watch out apples... we are coming!!!

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  1. Hey how did the apple picking go? Make any apple pie yet? Make sure you call me when you do lol!



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