Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Craig's List

Im new to the world of Craig's list. I just recently decided to really take a look and see what people in my area have to offer. All I can say is... OH MY!!! I can't believe it. Im hooked... even more than facebook!! I sit on the stool at our bartop and just read the listings. I drive Jason crazy..." Hey Hon.. someone is selling a PYGMY GOAT for ONLY $50!!! Wow I would LOVE a pigmy goat"
"Hey Jay... so and so in Duncan is giving away 3 dogs, a rooster AND haybails for $5. Now THATS a bargain."
 He just laughs or shakes his head. He kindly reminds me that I would kill the rooster within 2 seconds of its early morning crowing. He's right, its true. Im not very animal friendly when im bothered and pregnant. Just ask my cats... oh wait. We don't have any... SEE!!!
 We don't need hay bails until October and we would most certainly get written up for the goats. I hate it when he is right.
 So I click on the games and toys. PSII and XBOX are hot on the list, along with guitar hero and littlest pet shops. I get bored and move back to farm equipment. Thats the stuff that really interests me. For just a few thousand  dollars we could buy everything we need to run our own plot!! Very tempting. If only we actually owned land and trees bigger than a large q-tip. Oh well. A girl can dream. I remind Jay of our dream when living in NY..."Remember hun... our own 40 acres and a mule?"
"Yeah yeah..."
"I still think we should move on a farm." I reply as I turn up the air because I hate the heat. Yup farm living is just what we need!!!

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  1. Neil and I want to live on a farm too! Or we would love to become bee keepers. I for sure want chickens some day! I would love to feed my family fresh eggs! Yum! As a kid I felt like we lived on a farm - I got two goats for my 8th birthday! They were so much fun - and we had horses, dogs and tons of cats. It was so much fun. I loved my parents big yard! I would love my kids to have the same experience I did growing up! But, like you said - land is scarce these days - not to mention so expensive. O-well. maybe one day!!!! If not, at least I have fun memories to share with my kids.



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