Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Happenings...

Doesn't this picture just make you want to curl up by the fireplace with a warm bowl of soup??!!

Even in the south, where I live, we have cold winters and many reasons to turn on our fireplace for a cozy evening. Its not quite as fall-ish as this picture (which I did not take) but its getting there.

The mornings and evenings have changed. Its cool. The air smells like fall is almost here. The evenings consist of cool breezes and my kids riding their bikes in the street... after a l-o-n-g summer of hiding in the air conditioning. During the day its warm... 80's to be exact. I thought this weather would never come.

September is almost half over...almost. My calendar continues to fill up with fun events which makes the days go by even faster. This week alone we have drama practice, Bible study, massive food shopping, apple picking and furniture shopping to do. I keep reminding my husband that.... DUEL RECLINING COUCH... will be the ONLY type of couch I want to look at. I dream of being able to sit on my couch and recline and rest my tired feet... Oh my...

Next week is even crazier and to tell you the truth I need to look at my calendar to even keep track of the daily events. UGH! That type of busyness is not my favorite... But tis the season.

But it does make me savor every second of our down time and my time at night. Hubby spends time doing work on the computer, the kids are upstairs reading/sleeping and I retreat to my bed and crochet... The silence is absolutely golden, I can't describe how golden it is and how much I look forward to those evenings. Pretty soon I will be sharing them with my Sweet P... I can't wait.


  1. love it!
    Can I have your old couch if you get a new one?
    Oh yeah- having a giveaway tomorrow- I am sure you will enter, because you missed my last one on personalized labels.

  2. love that fall picture..the leaves are changing and falling..just mowed the lawn and then 10 minutes later the grass had leaves on it..enjoy your down time..cause it sounds like you are going to need it.;)

  3. Love those kind of evenings... especially after a hectic day.



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