Monday, September 27, 2010

No Baby But New Scent :)

Im still pregnant!!! 36 weeks and counting. Im still contracting but nothing steady to have me skipping into the hospital and jumping into the labor bed... BUT my hubby made my day as he walked thru the door on his way home from work....

From behind his back he pulled a little blue bag which contained the sweetest smelling gift... WHITE CITRUS body spray from Bath and Body Works.

Before we walked thru the foyer, He sprayed it on me and I was in love. What a great guy he is and what a good mood it put me in. Seriously.... it made the end hours of the day pleasant and not so crazy. (you all know those hours of the day.)

Its the small surprises like that, that really make a day... and make me realize how much I love that man.

Now only if I would have this baby...


  1. so sweet!
    You can tell him I said that.

  2. How thoughtful!!

    I was just there tonight {window shopping} and fell inlove with the new shea-cashmere scent...

    Enjoy it!



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