Thursday, September 9, 2010


The time finally came to start my Daniel bible study by Beth Moore that I keep on telling you about. I was so excited to walk into the classroom and even more excited to see what a great turnout we had. I didn't expect so many women because they started this class last month for Sunday school and a lot of the women in my church attend that class, but to my surprise even more showed up to go on this great adventure wednesday night.

Most of the study is on dvd which always worries me since my attention span doesn't react well to dvd's but Beth Moore captured my attention even more than the Esther study I did almost a year ago... (WOW its been that long)

The topic is even closer to my heart as well and could not stop shaking my head in agreement thru the ENTIRE video. The women sitting next to me must have thought I had some sort of tick or something. Ha! I scribbled notes, wrote important bible verses and even wrote notes along the margin in my bible. I couldn't get enough of learning about the modern day babylon we are surrounded by and how we as Christians are so indoctrinated by it we can't even see straight.... (sounds familiar right??)

I have been seeing this more and more in the last 3 plus years of my life and even have blogged about this very subject numerous times. See, the more kids you have, the more you get pushed outside the circle (not sure if thats the best analogy) then throw being a Christian and the icing on the cake... Homeschool them...

With all three checks next to our name, I have really gotten a good look at the world (christian and non-christian alike) from the outside looking in. I live differently than most people I am surrounded by and even have very different views on life. I wasn't always like this but as my Christian life grew, my family life grew and my view on how Christ wanted us to live grew... many things changed.

I too am also a victim of wanting everything "Babylon" wanted. Im a girl. I have a natural pull toward shiny, new,bigger,better,clothes,shoes and what have you. But daily, God keeps me in check and thankfully our lifestyle does not warrent such things most of the time.

But I spend many times sitting back and watching... people who fall into the 1.8 kids, McMansions, fancy vacations and the constant fulfilling of "self."

If having many kids taught me anything, it taught me the art of dying to self... a little more with each birth... its amazing that after 11 pregnancies and almost 6 births how much self is still left... OUCH!!!!!

Perhaps thats why children are considered such an option... and after 1 or 2 or... GASP even 3.... they stop.... because with each one dying to self gets higher on the list. There are no negotiations.... its mandatory.

Anyway, am I getting off topic?? I think I am.

I am LOVING this study. I can't wait to do my daily homework and read more about what the bible has to say about this and how I can apply it to my own life.

I can't wait to share with the other ladies in my class

And I can't wait to start indoctrinating the world instead of the world indoctrinating me!


  1. Can you see me nodding my head as I read your post? I think you really hit the nail on the head when you talked about how we have to die to ourselves a little more with the addition of a new child. So true. We only have 4 children, but many of my friends (and family) think that we are odd for having 'that many' children. And, I frequently get comments (from my mother) like 'Well, I hope you guys are done now.' I guess I don't really understand it.

  2. I only have two kids, I would have loved to have more, but that was not in God's plan for us. However, I completely understand what you are saying. I am surrounded by people who are in incredible debt, and almost brag about it, think it's funny as they interrupt conversations to text, plan elaborate vacations and buy, buy, buy. I think people feel that they are nothing, they feel worthless and inferior unless they have the new, biggest, brightest and shiniest. I know people who have taken such advantage of others, ruined relationships with family, begun lawsuits and stolen from family so that they can continue on this path. It's very upsetting.

  3. My sentiments exactly! There is so much out there to distract us. We need to keep our head in the game, as our pastor said Sunday. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this post. Its so true and it so makes me feel like there are others like us in this Babylon world. And like you said, though we strive to live our lives filled with Christ, we are still victims of a Babylonian culture! Thank you for the part about children. Until recently I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around having more than one child (and I've always wanted a lot!), then one day I decided I should stop fretting and pray about it. Boy, does God work wonders and I'm finally at peace about having more children. I had the silliest worries, like I wouldn't have enough love for more than Sweet P, etc.
    Again, enjoy this study! I loved it (mine is over now) and I just LOVE Beth Moore!

  5. This is what you said in one of your recent blogs--"if you can't handle the responsibility of your kids then maybe you shouldn't have had them." That is why hubby and me are having one child. We can not have handle the responsibility of more and feel that we should give everything we have into one child. Doesn't mean we don't love children or Christ.


  6. Sandy-
    I never said That you don't love children or Christ and I respect whatever you choose after all, its your home as long as the feeling is mutual and you understand that we pour our everything into each and every child we have. They don't get less attention or love because they have siblings.
    And my statement you quoted me on was written for the moms out there who constantly complain about the children they have and the daily tasks they find so hard to keep up with...

  7. I will have to check out this bible study ... sounds interesting.. We are very BLESSED to have 4 children..3 here on earth and one in heaven with Jesus. We definately Thank God every day for what we have. And to be FRANK..I seriously don't care what the world thinks of me or how many children I have or what I choose to do about schooling my kids, etc. I am a good mom and we raise our children in God's Light and all that matters to me is God's approval. I know exactly what you mean though..I have 5 godchildren and when we go somewhere with my 3 ...8 kids ..You should see the look we get..but Boy I can look back!! :)

  8. Iowa Wife....
    I can totally relate to how you were feeling and SOOOO many women can as well. Your not alone. With each and every baby I have I still worry a bit about sharing myself and my love with another little one and each and every time(after the birth) I laugh at myself for thinking that. Once that baby is placed in your arms Love does NOT divide.... it multiplies... like magic. God is sooo good and if we just trust Him, we realize that He worked ALL those silly details out and we in our human flesh spend so much useless time worrying about things like this when He has it all figured out. But please know that sooo many women have those same thoughts as you...
    Im glad you are at peace about having more. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing my children instantly love and welcome their new brother or sister. The way they interact, love and nurture each other are amazing and truly a gift of God. God knew what He was doing when he created families!!!!
    Good luck on your new adventure to more children.



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