Monday, August 30, 2010


Isn't she pretty??

For anyone that has been over my house this summer, you saw this poor plant suffer dearly. Because of the intense heat we have been having, it was on the verge of death for weeks!! But now, the temps are normal and rains fall down to water. This morning I was thrilled to step outside and feel a touch... (just a touch) of cool air. I know it will quickly warm up to 90 but the beautiful dew morning is a sure indication that fall is just around the corner.... even in the south! I can't wait. Im not rushing the cold, but a bit cooler temps and fall mornings are just perfect for me. =)
My Gerber daisy is back!! Beautifying my back patio for all to see.

Its Monday. It certainly feels like monday in our little Red House. Our weekend state of mind is still lingering. The kids have researched on youtube how to make paper air planes and they have been whizzing past my head since I walked out of my bedroom.

Construction trucks pulled up to the lot next to us and in a matter of minutes the noise and invasion of privacy will begin.


Despite it all, we have MUCH to celebrate. This thursday is the FIRST official game of the season. GAMECOCKS are back baby... better than ever. The kids are excited, the state is excited... and we are ready. Planning has begun for our football party next week. The record might be broken as to how many people can be jammed in our Little Red House but we will be happy!! GAMECOCKS will be on the big screen.

I will also celebrate because once wednesday comes, I can officially say my sweet P. comes next month =))). I can't wait. We are so close to meeting our new addition. It still feels like a dream to me.

I can't wait to hold her, smell her and put flowers in her hair....

Oh and if you haven't voted on her name yet, please do. Piper is still in the lead by a landslide... followed closely by Phoebe and Penelope. I wonder which one it will be??

Only time will tell ;)


  1. I can not believe that my due date is in 2 months. Sometimes I feel like I have been pregnant forever and other times I am amazed at how soon the baby will be here.

  2. It definitely feels like a Monday at our house as well.

  3. I am also ready for a touch of fall. But just a bit. What is a pie party? You mentioned it on my blog. I love pie. It sounds yummy.

  4. hubby is counting down the days till the real season of football starts..he is watching pre-season stuff..we also play "fantasy football" and I think i won last year or the year before..he looks forward to football every I can live without it..but we have DVR so he can fast forward and it gets over a great week ahead.:)

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I was blessed to have my daughter and when I remarried I became a stepmom to 3 more wonderful kids. I've always wanted a houseful, but 4 miscarriages later I think I'm ready to just enjoy what I have been blessed with. God Bless your new baby & good luck!

  6. Love gerber daisies- they are my favorite!
    I will call soon- it has been crazy here.
    surprise surprise

  7. I could have written this whole entire post, lol!!!

    Yes, it's FINALLY a bit cooler here during the day (low to mid 90s still!) but we have down to 70s at night and RAIN again!! Being from the north too (Ohio...) we're not used to NO rain for months and no CLOUDS for months. I've yearned for rain and storms and finally gotten it starting last week!

    I know all about the construction too... sigh. So sorry... It stinks. We've had it all around since moving just over 6 months ago, including ten feet away with workers hanging in our backyard where the kids play practically. Hopefully they build as fast there as they do here, though!

    Instead of Gamecocks... GO BUCKEYES!! We're BIG OSU football fans here, and Thursday couldn't come soon enough. We plan parties for our little family and big food menus too! ;)

    Last but NOT least... Yes, our little one comes next month too! Although always going early, the end of this month is a possibility too! Eeek!!! I'm so excited to meet him! (and yours... hooray!)

    Take care!! :) And sorry for the loooooong comment. ;)



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