Friday, August 20, 2010

Its coming!!!

A Blog post that is!!! Did y'all think baby P. was arriving??? I wish....

Im in my bedroom quickly typing this out to you since you all have been on my mind for days.

My kitchen is a disaster, groceries need to be put away, dishes need to be cleaned, kids need to be tended to and hubby needs to get off the main computer so I can download pictures and post away. Perhaps tonight???

A lot of choas and mayhem have been hapening here and I plan on telling you ALL! Pictures included. That means me being {GULP} transparent and showing you that YES, I even have days that my cute little red house is... um... dis-organized???

I did some decorating too =)

I have some neighborhood news, construction news and even some baby news... (no birth announcements though)

I also have a prayer request for y'all and would love for you to add me to your prayer list.

But enough of that. All in due time. I need to go. Hubby needs to go out and mow our yard before we officially become "RED" necks. Har har har...

yes, Im in that type of mood... and I think I hear one of my kids climbing in my pantry...

Stay tuned....


  1. Love your humor. You always make me laugh.

    Anne @

  2. I hope all is well in your little red house. Sending some prayers your way =)

  3. Can't wait to read it!! And "Red" necks, lol! :) Hope all is calm this morning...

  4. Hey Amy..I hope you get your little red house squared away and get time to blog as always make me laugh..have a wonderful weekend..:)



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