Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fabric, Scissors, Markers Oh My!

Remember the picture of this fabric that I was totally in LOVE with???

Well today, while Hubby had to work for a bit, I began. A bit of measuring, cutting and ti eying and....


A beautiful, cuddly, soft fleece blanket for my baby. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it turned out. Its so cute and soft and warm. It will be a bit big for her in the beginning but she will grow and then it will be the most perfect size for her to use on her bed, laying on the floor, cuddling on the couch... most certainly a keepsake for many years to come.

I also found this great pocket chart in the dollar bin at Target the other day and bought it. I was not sure what I would use it for at first but it didn't take me long to figure it out. I cut index cards in half and labeled them #'s 1-20. On the backs of each card are colorful dots so if they can't recognize the number... they can count the dots to get the answer. I needed one for Molly to help her practice her math and to start Noah and Abby on number reading. I also included adding and subtracting signs with small number cards for numbers 0-9 so we can do some math problems and Molly can use the chart to create her equations. Pretty nifty huh?

I just love it. I will be going back to Target this week to get some more. Not sure what I will turn those into but Im sure I can think of something. They are just too handy not to have a supply of....

Do you have any cool suggestions???


  1. Cute blanket! You can use those charts for lots of things. One of my favorites was to use sentence strips and cut them into thirds. Then write nouns on one color, adjectives on another, etc. The kids can make their own sentences using the various parts of speech. You can change the words to go along with what you are studying.

  2. Great blanket! You could use the 20 pockets for sight words if you have little ones. Or Chores?
    Put the chore on the front.
    Once the chore is the done they could turn in over.
    The opposite side could be puzzle that turns into a picture. :)
    Love the blog!!

  3. Love the blanket!! Now your little one will be all nice and warm. Cute ideas on the charts.

  4. Love the blankie!
    I want to hold her in it!
    I love the idea Melissa had for a chore chart. Really easy to switch the chores around.
    I love your numbers- great job.

  5. 凡事三思而行,跑得太快是會滑倒的。..................................................

  6. Love the blanket! I've always wanted to make one of those and great idea on the charts! Target's one spot had so many great things for school! I got some flashcards and bought every puzzle! Ha. Also wanted to let you know I have a blow award waiting for ya on my blog!

  7. I loooove Target's dollar bin this time of year!! I went yesterday and picked up counting cubes, flash cards, dry erase boards, and a few other things. They didn't have the pkt. charts, though. Off to another Target today! ;) I LOVE Melissa's chore chart idea, and have been trying to come up with a good system here. LOVE it!! Sight words is good too... Love your idea with the numbers and math!!



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