Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Boy... What A Day (s)...

Whew... finally I have a chance to write you all. Between just being plain busy, then losing internet (more on that later) and then just losing motivation due to good 'ol fashioned pure laziness... I have not been able to waddle my butt to my computer. But PTL im here. Hubby is kindly finishing dinner because I mentioned to him that if I don't do it now, it will just never ever get done.

Hubby took some time off this week which was heavenly. The beginning of the week was a bit tough for me. I was just feeling blah and a bit overwhelmed. You know those days right??? Perhaps it was just hormonal but on occasion I found myself tearful and a bit irrational... just a bit. So, the scheduled time he had off was an unexpected blessing. God is Good.

We have had fun and yesterday he HELPED me so much with shopping day. The hardest day of the week (well bi-week) for me. Of course the kids were perfect angels the whole time, no traffic, no lines and no situations so dear sweet hubby found it hard to understand why by the end of shopping day my hair stands on edge and I have some uncontrollable twitching. I just handed him a shovel and told him to keep digging the hole.... cause if he doesn't be quiet he's gonna be buried in it....bless his heart! ;)

The house was beyond messy before we left so groceries and lunch (which you see him kindly making) just added to the chaos. I didn't care... I try to keep things as neat and orderly as possible ALL the time but when I slip... oh well. Most homes don't come close to as functional as mine so Im allowed. ( my one bragging right ok?)

I put everything away. Its my own personal thing. Maybe its control but I HATE when people help me. I need to do that myself. It takes a very long time to clean and re-organize and shove in cabinets ( I buy alot) but I secretly love it. Yesterday I left everything as is and had to take a nap in between. My energy was G-O-N-E!!

On a less brighter note, they sold the lot next to me. You all know how change makes my skin crawl and how nervous the construction workers make me (between them being strangers and all the banging and dirt mess and traffic...) I mean, I will be happy once its done. My block will be almost complete and I will be normal... with houses on both sides. Complete. But the process of getting there is the issue. See my Little Red House??? See that beautiful big picture window which brings in all my light and lets me know every coming and going down my block??? Well that will soon be replaced by my neighbors wall...

But even in the small things God is good and won't give me more than I can handle. The house that is going there is smaller than the other models and therefore will leave a WIDER space between my house and theirs so more sun will come in and the house won't be as close. PRAISE GOD!

Wednesday during my bad day, I went out and reminded the construction workers that my phone line is not completely buried. I even risked my life to walk the uneven field and S-H-O-W them the line and remind them AGAIN not to cut it. But alas, by the time I waddled back in the house my banana told me that we had lost internet... See the pic above??? The exposed wire??? DUH!!!!! Don't get me started. This also happened the same day my husband HAD to take a course online NO EXCUSES. Oh what an interesting day that was....

Remember the wall quote I wanted to buy??? Well I bought it and hubby put it on the wall. It looks beautiful!! Im in love with it. It will also remind me on days that are not so bright that Rejoicing in the Lord makes all things good. Now to find nicer decor besides maps!

I found an AMAZING recipe called hamburger pie. I made it for the first time last night and it was a hit. (except for Noah. Notice how he was still at the table after it was cleaned?) Oh the goodness... the cheesy mashed potato goodness... sigh....

Im nesting again... not that I ever stopped. But im nesting a bit more. Baby clothes are cleaned and sorted and organized. Toys are being wiped down and strollers are coming out. The kids have had fun playing with this stroller frame that was given to me last wednesday. They have put their babies in it, they have put themselves in it and im hoping it survives till baby P. gets a chance to use it.

Im crocheting another blanket. This one is larger and will fit as a blanket in her crib/toddler bed. Its chocolate brown and will have pink ribbon threaded thru the sides and then topped off with pink ruffle trim. It has taken me a long time to get to this point because of its length but I have had fun making it. I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Now for my prayer request. Nothing major but still important to me!!! My banana has a HUGE church ceremony coming up. She completed a girls Mpact program which she has been involved in since she was 5 (she is now 11) She has done so much work, essays, bible memorization, bible reading and earned all her badges. She aced her exam and now will be honored with the other girls in a special Honor Star crowning. Dad will walk her down the aisle and I get to place the tiara on her head. Her beautiful white dress has been purchased and is sitting in my closet. Whats the problem you ask??? The ONLY date the church could schedule this very important ceremony is around the day of my "not so definite" delivery day!!! And the date can't be changed. Trust me I have tried. I usually get induced at 39 weeks which will mean I will be discharged from the hospital and have to go straight to the church with a brandy-new baby in a germ infested world!!! NOT HAPPY but I will do what needs to be done for my daughter... even if it means having to give birth in the pew so I don't miss this.

SO, im asking for prayers that I spontaneously go into labor earlier... technically babies are ready at 38 weeks so im praying I go into labor earlier, have a beautiful HEALTHY ready baby and have a few days to recover before having to step back out in the world. I don't want to miss this and I just don't know what to do but God does... so Im asking him a favor ;) would you join me in asking Him too???

Well my dear friends, that is just a small update on what is going on in my home. Im hitting the wall as most of you 3rd trimester bloggers can agree with. My body hurts and aches by the end of the day. Im ready to have this baby and not have my hips feel like they are on fire. Many of you are reaching your DDay too! How exciting!!!

Oh did I tell you we went on our hospital tour today?? It was SO MUCH FUN!! and Hubby and I were the most giddiest parents there. Someone has to lighten the mood right?

Well im off. Church tomorrow and lots of things to do. Hope to hear from you all and be patient. I plan on visiting all of you just as soon as I can


P.s. I also can't figure out why some pictures will enlarge and some don't. Just keep trying... most work.


  1. Wow- That was quite the update!!!

    Looks like there is quite the hustle and bustle in your neck of the woods...

    I just prayed your request. :)

  2. 我們必須先有哭泣,才有歡笑;也必須先感到人生的悲哀,然後才感到人生的快樂。................................................................

  3. Sorry to hear about the house next first thought was...Oh NO! Banging when baby P and you are trying to rest (I remember how tough & exhausting late pregnancy and having a new baby is!) Hopefully you will get nice, new neighbors that you and your children can be friends with :)

    I will pray that all will work out for your daughter's ceremony...but I REALLY think it will :) This is always the way...

  4. Thanks Rachel and Theresa... I appreciate the prayers... And yes, always hustle and bustle it seems like over here but secretly I think I love it that way! Ha! Have a great day!

  5. Will keep you in prayer. Big congrats to your daughter. Quite an achievement!!

    Sorry about those crazy construction workers but praying your new neighbors are an incredible blessing to you!!
    Much love!



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