Friday, August 27, 2010

Profound Post

I wrote about THIS profound post I was going to share with you all. I got comments stating how you all were looking forward to reading it and then it never came...

I tried to write it. I really did. I had some strong opinions but felt it had to go on hold. As I was doing my devotions a few nights ago and looking thru some past sermon notes, the same phrases kept jumping out to me...

" You never win people over throwing rocks at them..."

I felt like what I was writing was more of throwing rocks than lifting up, so the post is on hold... until I am able to write it where it will be to my liking, God's liking and speaking gently.

Sorry to you all who were looking forward to it. I still stand by the 25 reasons for Homeschooling. They are such excellent reasons. All of them were solidified this past wednesday night in bible study. Pastor has been preaching a GREAT series on the end times. The coming of the Lord, The Rapture and resurrection, the day of the Lord, The consummation of the Age and just 2 days ago he did Salvation, persecution and Judgement...The Great Tribulation period. OH MY GOODNESS was it amazing!!!

It surely made me NOT want to be here during this time in history... and YES the time is coming. Pastor talked about how America has become so Godless... how it will get worse and how the generation ahead of us is being indoctrinated for all these events in Daniel and Revelations to take place. Its up to US, THIS generation at hand to commit to prayer over our country, over our children and take this world back.

I thanked God I was homeschooling and don't have to fight some of those battles that are happening right now to innocent, lost children.

It solidified how America has worshipped self and has put pleasures, education and greed way above eternal salvation...

I look forward to next weeks message and then I will have to sadly leave. A new ladies bible study is taking place Wednesday night. We are starting Beth Moore's DANIEL. And I can't wait for that either. I will be missing a few weeks due to the birth of Sweet P. but plan on re-joining as soon as possible because I know it will be too good to miss.

Now for some quick updates...

Yesterday I was drinking my coffee and filling in the family calendar for September and WOW is it filling up fast??!! I have no clue how that is happening... especially when I am 8 months pregnant! But Drama practice resumes, Bible studies start, GAMECOCKS football parties are being planned and youth events for my TWO kids are in full swing. Busy Busy Busy. Not to mention Neighborhood social committee fall planning, friends moving down and...

Construction starting right next door to my house. Remember I wrote about that HERE??? Im watching them right now as I type this praying they don't cut my phone lines again...

Im tempted to throw my body on the phone line but this southern clay is just horrid to get out of clothing ;)

Miss P's second blanket is coming along great. Its very large so it has taken me a long time but I should be done by early next week. Then I have some scarves to knit as presents for a few people.

Hubby and I have a date night tomorrow. a MUCH needed date night. I will be stopping at Lowes for more paint swatches. The time has come for painting... VERY soon.

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend



  1. I love new paint....makes everything look so clean & new.

  2. Painting is quite possibly the easiest way to make a room feel like a completely different space. Have fun on date night!!!

  3. well i do agree with you that this nation is falling apart very quickly..and we all need to find God and pray for him to help our president and those in government make the right choices and not take us into a depression..which is where we are heading..and its not going to be pretty either..if we had kids we would probably due the homeschooling thing as well..we didn't get a great education growing up..and it is sad...keep doing what you are doing as you know best.;) have a great weekend and a great "date" night out:)

  4. It is hard to be graceful- when we feel so compelled to share our thoughts! :) Great Job on keeping the grace!

    Sounds like you've got a lot going on right now!!!


  5. I am a week away from finishing Beth Moore's Daniel with women at a local church. I have missed several weeks due to travel, but it is an AWESOME study. I think you'll really enjoy it. I start Here and Now (her Revelations study), the week after next.

  6. I think you are awesome. What great discernment to wait on that post. You are on my short list of bloggers I wish I knew in real life. ;o)

  7. Great post. I love Beth Moore and I couldn't agree with you more about the state of our world today. I enjoy reading your blog because of how you say it like it is.

    Anne @



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