Monday, August 2, 2010

A VERY Proud Moment =)

For those of you that follow me on Facebook or on Twitter know that I have spent the last few days trying to perfect my knitting/purling stitch AND making the cutest crocheted flowers... Today I was VICTORIOUS!!! I was thrilled. I ran outside and yelled across the street to my children (who were chatting with a friend) THAT I DID IT! I made my first 5 petal flower and it was precious!

I then spent the day making more with whatever yarn I had in the house. (which wasn't alot.)

Friday, when I go to all 3 craft stores that are near my house, I will pick up some buttons, pearls and rhinestones to embellish the middle. Along with pins so I can secure them on my cardigans, hats, pocketbooks, hairbands and etc... Tomorrow I will pick up more yarn so I can make more. I can't wait!!!!

It took me forever to find the right tutorial that was easy for a WAY beginner like me and easy to watch and self-teach. I almost gave up till I found the last one which made it so simple. I still plan on going back and learning the other way most women teach but will wait till im a bit better in this craft.

I also researched knitting. I still need plenty of practice but I learned how to do the rib stitch... which is just an alternating knit stitch and purl stitch... I will be practicing that new stitch tonight. I also figured out a VERY easy scarf pattern so once I know how to do this stitch well, I will begin to make my very first scarf. Im so excited. I think I found some Christmas gifts I will make for close family members (If Im good enough of course)

I also watched some videos on neck warmers which I SOOO wanna do but the you tube videos STINK!
But they had great hats and beanies and caps. Then I can add my flowers on there and officially be the crazy lady on my block! I LOVE it.

All in due time though. One project at a time. I will keep you posted as my creations progress. I pray they don't go on the back burner once Sweet P. is born. Im on a roll!!!

But I must go. Kids need to be tucked in, pjs need to be put on and knitting needs to be done. My eyes hurt from watching you tube videos all day. Time to rest!

Goodnight Blogland.



  1. I love to crochet. I just taught myself this summer. Right now I am making dish cloths for Christmas. My daughter just bought me the most beautiful yarn for a scarf. Now I need to figure that out. I would love to know how to do your flowers. They are so great.

  2. I am jealous!!!!!!
    I just asked my grandma today to teach me to crochet and to sew!
    I know she can sew, but I am scared she will have to re-learn how to crochet and it will take us a long time to get through a lesson!
    I love your flowers!
    If I catch you wearing too many crocheted items at once, I might have to tell you. lol
    Great job!
    You have done beautiful work- maybe an etsy store in your future!
    Can I do a giveaway for you? lol

  3. kudos on the flower petals..I love to crochet..I dabble in knitting..I forgot how to cast on..and do the Ineed a refresher course..but i do like doing keeping my hands busy..;)

  4. Congrats on your new skill.

    Those flowers are absolutely adorable. I recently took up sewing and would love to learn how to crochet too. One inquired skill at a time though, right?! :)

  5. Those are adorable!!!

    I so want to be a knitter. When I see yarn...I just want to be a knitter. I took a class a few years ago and I have been working on the same scarf for..oh, a few years! I need to get motivated!! your blog is helping :)

  6. I love to crochet. If it can't be crocheted then I won't make it. Trying to teach myself to knit made me crazy! LOL!
    You did a fantastic job on your flowers!!!! Keep practicing and you'll get better and faster!
    Have a great day.

  7. Those are absolutely darling! I am barely learning to sew and have never knitted in my life so I am in awe = )



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