Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Whats New??

Isn't that saying awesome?? Im buying it to put on my living room wall. I have always wanted one of those decal sticker wall mural quotes and when I saw this I just knew it was the one. I immediately broke out in the song and knew if this was on the wall it would be joyous.

I saw a few others I would like. One for my kitchen and one for my foyer... not sure if that is too much though. What do you think?? Would that be quote overkill???

Sorry for my absence. I have been busy once again. So much is going on and it always seems to fall all in the same day/week with not much notice.

I just found out yesterday that we will be starting a ladies bible study wednesday nights for the fall semester... "Daniel" By Beth Moore. I am BEYOND thrilled. You have no idea. Sunday School is very early at my church and most times we just can't make it. Especially since Jason gets up so early for work every day. Sundays we don't want to rush and cause sour moods.... But I miss it dearly. Sunday School was my most precious time of the week but now I can get a taste of it again. September can't come soon enough for me. Wednesday nights is another special time for me at church. Relaxed, cozy, small congregation....

Anyway, I have some family swinging by this weekend as well. My cousin will be a freshman at USC GO GAMECOCKS!! SO after they settle her up at school they will swing by my house to say hello. I have not seen them in 3.5 years so it will be a nice visit.

I've been a knitting and crocheting FIEND this past week. I laugh at myself and ask my hubby if he thinks Im turning into an old lady because as soon as all the kids go upstairs at night, I take out my bag and go until I fall asleep. I look forward to this EVERY NIGHT!!! Most times I sneak off into my bedroom and put my feet up and watch all MY shows on my dvr and relax. I have been knitting Emma an awesome scarf in Gamecock colors... GO GAMECOCKS but I ran out of yarn and am having problems finding it, so while I search I switched to crocheting. Im crocheting Sweet P. a nice soft green blanket. Its turning out really really nice... especially since its my first one. I will take a picture when I get a bit more done and show you. =)

Oh and after weeks and weeks of near triple digit temps and HIGH electric bills, this weekend will be in the MID-80'S!! Can you believe that??? 84-85 degrees. Man, I just might break out the sweaters. Ha! I can't wait!!!!!!

Have a GREAT day!



  1. Gapgirl-

    i actually sell wall vinyl (Uppercase Living). I am biased, but I LOVE it! It just adds a special touch to a room. I have them all over my house. Our general rule of thumb is space them throughout your home so that you can see no more than 2 at a time.

  2. I say go for the quotes! I love them = ) Sounds like you've been busy and their are a lot of things happening at once. What a joyous time for you and your family.

  3. There's nothing wrong with be crafty. It's fun to give these gifts. I've been knitting and cross stitching for years. I like the quote, it is special.
    Our temps in Oregon are mid 90s this weekend and we have a picnic Sat. and Sun. so I'm going to find shade and stay there. Have a great weekend!
    Hugs and blessings!

  4. I can't wait to see the stuff you are making..enjoy your family and glad to see your temps are somewhat reasonable..hey how are you doing on bingo?

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  6. found a great website for you knitters..;) lots of neat projects.;)

  7. wish you could teach me.
    love the letters on the wall.
    Come and check out my giveaway that ends tomorrow with low entries!

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