Tuesday, August 3, 2010

28 Weeks and 4 Days....

Only 11 weeks and 3 days to go... but who's counting???

I can't wait to hold my Sweet P. in my arms, to breathe in the sweet smell of her and hear all those little baby sounds that are just so precious.

I can't wait to count those fingers and toes, to dress her in all her cute outfits and watch my other children oohhh and ahhh over her.

But for now I must go. Another OB appointment... my glucose test. YUCK.

Heres to hoping I don't throw up in the Dr.s Office...


  1. Oh I can feel with you ... ev'ry pregnance seems to be endless! Especially the last weeks are difficult to endure.

    Babys are such a wonder and present, I loved always to smell at their neck!

    Be blessed to enjoy this weeks till birth!

  2. Yippe, yippe!! So close now! :) I also have an appointment today!

  3. goodnight. bagus.salam blog know. thanks to his reading may be a good reading. come back ya

  4. congrats!Do they make you drink the yucky stuff?My Doctor lets me choose between that and a breakfast of eggs,toast and orange juice.I have always picked the breakfast.I have heard the drink is awful!Best of luck.Blessings ,Marla

  5. I hope you made it out safely and puke free today..;) have a great rest of your tuesday.;)

  6. This is so sweet! Nothing better than a newborn baby :) I did my glucose test yesterday.. and survived!! :)



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