Monday, August 16, 2010


Its Monday!! The first day of public school around my neck of the woods... thankfully mine are right next to me with their noses in their books... on our own schedule, learning at their own pace. Ahh, another joy of homeschooling.

We are having a slow morning. A v-e-r-y- slow morning. We are still trying to recover from a very busy weekend of company, great conversation and good food. I was up past my bedtime twice which made for a very grumpy mama in the morning.

But it was worth it. School will be a bit light today. The older girls know what they need to get done and I will continue working on Molly's reading words with her and her writing.Then cleaning will commence... lots and lots of cleaning... to get the house back to normal.

Dinner will be whatever I throw together from the freezer. I can't put much thought into it, im just so tired. Dishes need to get done and counters need to be wiped.

But the great news is my crocheted blanket for Miss P. is just about complete. I am almost done adding the border around it. Its not the border I want but it will do for now... seeing as its my first. It looks like my first ;) but will suit Sweet P. just fine. It was made with love.

This week I will begin another one just because. The colors will be different and If it comes out great enough it will be a gift, if not, it will be used. I truly love crocheting and knitting. Now to work on beanie hats. Maybe next week? Who knows.

Until then I will try to awaken from this fog. Yes, its just one of those days.....


  1. My Monday has been equally as slow. The kids didn't sleep well last night, and it made for a very groggy morning. And my house is in DESPERATE need of a good cleaning!

  2. I really wish I had the heart to homeschool but I just don't think I could do it! But that makes you even more amazing in my eyes!

    Peaceful Wishes,

  3. yeah for home school! I would love to read even more about how y'all go about it!

  4. Congrats on finishing your blanket!! i love reading your blog. I also crochet Here is a link to a guy mike on you tube that has a lot of great patterns he shows you how to do them. Have Fun!!

  5. We don't start till the 30th here at our homeschool...

    Have a great school year!

  6. I would love to see a picture of your completed blanket! Even if it "looks" like your first :P



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