Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Its Blue Paper Day!

In my neck of the woods Wednesday means BLUE PAPER DAY! Its the day all the grocery stores switch sales and the blue newspaper (sometimes its red or green) is delivered in my bottom box filled with all my local circulars. I will spend today and tomorrow eagerly looking thru all the stores and carefully planning out my shopping list.

This Friday I have SOOO much I need to get. Not just food, but crafts and storage bins and all sorts of neat things. August is one of the BEST months to go shopping in. Not only are the school supplies SUPER cheap... ( I stock up for the year) but they have awesome storage bins, kids decor and other things really affordable thanks to college students going back to school. My girls have been working on cleaning and gutting their huge room in prep for our big room switch before sweet P. comes along. All those bright pink and green storage and room decor will come in very handy as I try to organize 4 girls.=)

We also will be buying some homeschool curriculum. Horizons Math for Molly hopefully will be arriving in our mailbox shortly. I can't wait!!!

Hubby PROMISED me a new keyboard for our computer. Our old apple wireless died and we have been using our spare from the school computer which SKIPS keys. Do you have ANY idea how frustrating it is to blog like that?? So off to the mall we will go to get our new Keyboard AND a cool Magic Trackpad (instead of a mouse...)

While we are at the mall, I HAVE to buy Hannah a beautiful dress for her crowning ceremony next month.

On a brighter note, I learned another flower pattern last night. I'm having so much fun crocheting these cute and easy flower. No, these are NOT mine. I got these pics off the Internet. But I do plan on buying these colors and making these this weekend. Yarn will be purchased (on sale) at the craft stores on Friday and this weekend I will be a busy bee. I also have to buy buttons and gems to place in the middle.

Aren't they adorable???

I just love them all.

Don't you?


  1. We get our purple pack in the mail today with our circulars, although the sales don't start until Friday. I love looking through all the sales and planning our meals.
    What is a crowning ceremony?
    How was your glucose test?

  2. Aw, I wish we had a day where all the circulars came! :( How fun!!

    "You know you're a mom when getting all the sales ads makes you giddy..." :D

    Love the flowers... At first I thought they were yours, but I'm sure yours will look like that too!

    I used the pink/green/blue storage bins and baskets to do the kids' shared closet a couple months ago. Love them!!

  3. love those little flowers..can't wait to see yours all done..what will you do with them..make cute little pins, headbands for sweet P?...those would be sweet and also sewn onto her little dresses.;) have fun shopping on friday.:)



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