Monday, August 23, 2010

25 Reasons...

I found this article in my homeschool magazine:

25 Reasons Not to Give Up on Homeschooling...
(or for others... 25 reasons to start...)

1) God's grace is sufficient
2) God's mercy endures forever.
3) God gives us everything we need for life and Godliness
4) It is God who works in us...
5) Our children need Godly parents and mentors and teachers
6) Our children need their questions answered from a biblical worldview
7) Our children need and are permitted room to grow and time for creativity
8) Our children need and receive godly socialization.
9) Our children learn to be unselfish and how to serve others
10) Our children retain their innocence
11) Our children will have a lasting legacy of love and commitment
12) Our children will be spared worldly indoctrination .
13) We know where are children are at all times.
14) We know what our children are being taught at all times
15)We know who our childrens friends are and who their parents are.
16)We retain our God given right to educate our own children
17)Our children receive a superior education regardless of curriculum
18) Home schooled children receive one on one attention and specialized training.
19) Homeschool children can see and experience the world around them regularly.
20)Homeschool permits the teaching of important life skills
21) Homeschooling builds strong character and strong relationships
22) Our children will not have to walk in the way of the ungodly
23) Our children will not have to stand in the path of sinners...
24) Our delight will be in the law of the Lord and everything we do will prosper.
25) Our God never gives up and gives us His strength to continue the journey.

Aren't these great reasons???

So tomorrows discussion will be more on this topic, goals on true homeschooling... and there is no such thing as....(in most homes... only excluding single parents) my life doesn't allow me to homeschool. Yikes, that last one is a touchy one right???

Yes, so tomorrows discussion will be a good one. A hard one to swallow for many but its something that I have been hearing alot lately...

" I can't homeschool, I have to work, I have bills to pay..."

Or this one...

" I can't afford another baby... NO WAY!!!"

And then they buy the bigger house (bigger mortgage), nicer car (bigger payment) and don't forget those costly vacations....

So technically, its not that life won't let them...

Im thinking of a word... can you guess it???

But more on that later...

Don't be hatin. =)



  1. Love the list...can't wait for tomorrow's post! ;o)

  2. looking forward to tomorrow's post. I would love to homeschool. always on the fence for public school.

  3. Love it! So true! I'll be looking forward to tomorrow's post!



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