Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thanksgiving Memoir

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving. Our day of Thanks in our little Red House was awesome. I figured I would show you our whole holiday weekend in pictures with some captions. Enjoy!

Our Turkey was slow cooked the night before. By the morning our home was filled with warmth and the smell of sweet delicious turkey!! We prepped the rest of the food and worked up appetites.

I picked up these napkins at my FAVORITE store Hobby Lobby. What a great reminder on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. My little sister-in-laws brought Mario brothers for our Wii with them and Molly and Noah played non-stop upstairs.

Dinner was large and chaotic... just how I like it. We ate around 2:30 and quickly realized how blessed we were. We had SOOO much food.

After dinner I hung out in my chair and snuggled my pretty Penelope. She had a rough day. I was so busy in the kitchen, I didn't have much time to snuggle and rock her. Believe me when I tell you that she realized it. Once my hands got a hold of her tiny precious body, she was sound asleep and I just nuzzled her warmness. My little P. loves her momma!!

For dessert our friends came over with their children and we all trekked over to my cousins house where my other cousin and his family (from Mobile Alabama) were staying along with my Aunt and Uncle. My cousin-in-law has her own blog. MORE NORMAL THAN YOU THINK. Check her out. I Love her!!

Here are the men discussing religion and politics over brandy... naa just kidding but they did have an insane interest in the HVAC unit and played with it for almost the whole night.

My cousin-in-law holding sweet P. while her son Gideon feeds her. Isn't he a cutie!!!

We had pies of every flavor, breads of every kind and brownies with ice cream. We lacked nothing and chattered away!!! The kids hung out in the loft/ 2nd living room upstairs watching movies and playing cards.

Towards the end of the evening my cousin Jon started playing worship songs on the piano and singing (he is a music pastor in Mobile.) The kids joined in and we were all listening to their angelic voices... it was beautiful!

The next day we were in a turkey coma. UGHHH a gluttonous food indulged coma. We made a H-U-G-E pot of turkey soup (which was delicious and currently being eaten as I blog this)

One of hubby's sisters had a friend come over for a night of cards and Black Ops. He recently moved right near us, so she was happy to re-connect with him.

It wasn't long before all the guys (and all my cousins) walked over to my house and played XBOX way into the night. Poor Dawn and I were just about to sleep on the couches. I was almost tempted to pull out the sleeper sofa so we could fall asleep while they played. =p

Last night was the big GAMECOCKS VS. clemson game. HA! We won of course and we sported our gear to support our team! Isn't my Penny the cutest???

My family is flying the friendly skies as we speak. My kids are sprawled all over the floor watching Santa Paws and eating popcorn and the only lights on are the tv and Christmas tree. As sad as we were to say goodbye, we always welcome the peace and normalcy that is once regained. We will relax and enjoy the rest of the evening before we have to jump back into our routine tomorrow.

We had SOOOO much to be Thankful for and we THANK GOD for blessing us so.

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  1. I haven't been by to visit in a the new baby is a pleasant surprise. She is beautiful. I know you are enjoying her. Congratulations.



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