Friday, December 3, 2010

What A Girl Wants

I find it simply fascinating that from the moment of birth, babies know exactly what they want. Miss P. is no exception.... although it took me a few weeks to figure it all out. With her approaching 7 weeks old, I can safely say I have her completely figured out. Unlike all my other babies (with one other exception), she beats to a very different drum. Thank God we are now in sync and our days have been going very smooth.
Our visitors have left (for now) and Miss P. is settling back down. As nice as houseguests are, Penelope was way off schedule and greatly affected. The above picture was taken hours after we said goodbye to our last visitors. We hung out in my room, snuggled and cuddled and she finally was a happy girl.

But on most days, I know exactly what this girl wants:
1) She needs her medicine. Its just plain vital to everyones happiness and her sanity. She has bad reflux and is in severe pain without it.

2) She is not a napper (which is new to me.) She will doze off for a few minutes and cat naps during the day. When she is up, she want/needs to be in the center of attention and needs to be stimulated

3) She is forever in fleece blanket sleepers. I have a bunch and she wears them 24/7. She still gets cold really really easily so these guarantee her warmth and coziness. Her feet and hands stay warm and she just is happier in them.

4) She detests and I mean DETESTS a dirty diaper. The moment she poops she will scream bloody murder with no hope of consolation. On occasions she has had the non-smelly ones and she has me frantic trying to calm her down until it clicks that its her tiny tooshie that needs changing.

5) Once 4 pm hits she will finally crash and go to sleep for a good length of time. She always wakes up for her last feeding around 11 pm and will wake up again around 3 ish for another one. Once that feeding is done she is restless until morning. (NOT fun)

So I can safely say she is just a tad bit finicky but as long as Im able to handle it, all is well in our world. Despite her quirks I still think she is the sweetest thing on this earth. She is laughing and cooing and LOVES her light up toys and rattles. She really concentrates on them. Its so cute.
Below is a picture of us just 3 days ago relaxing in bed. She is getting bigger but still loves to cuddle with her Momma.

In other news, We found an Live African webcam that we watch and it is soo neat. We love listening to the sounds of Africa... so wild.

We are headfirst in the Christmas spirit. Yesterday we went to our local library and saw the cutest play about an elf named Holly. The kids loved it and it brought tears to my eyes toward the end.=)

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of meeting my cousin Neals friend from Pa. She joined in on one of our Saturday night hang outs. Turns out she was raised a Mennonite. That peaked my interest right away and I quickly began asking her all sorts of questions. I found it FASCINATING. Her name is Marilla and she is a doll!!

Our Christmas tree is up and our family Secret Santa game is in full force. Every year after dessert on Thanksgiving, we draw names out of a hat and see who we get as our secret santa. We buy 1 gift for them and can make as many gifts as we want. The budget for each person is $5-$10.

Its soooo much fun. The kids just burst trying to keep secrets and get a thrill going shopping with Mom or Dad for their person. A week before Christmas the tree begins getting jam-packed with gifts, storebought and home-made. We exchange Christmas Eve and we also open any gifts that relatives sent down to them. Then Christmas Day is spent just opening gifts from Mom and Dad and 1 from Santa of course.

I just LOVE this time of year don't you???


  1. My son had bad reflux as well! We couldn't figure out why his sleep was so bad at night even after his medication of Prevacid. Finally, after reading about it on a reflux internet board, I discovered the time of day for his medicine really mattered! If I did the 24 hour dosage first thing in the morning, he was fussy the next night at 3 or 4 AM. His medicine was wearing off! So I switched it to 4 PM, right after his long nap (since you have to wait until they haven't eaten for 2 hours before you give them meds).

  2. Please do share what African webcam you are using - I'd love to view it and share it with the kiddos! And, your Penelope is absolutely precious!! I agree that it is absolutely amazing how they know so early on exactly what they want! Enjoy all those snuggles!

  3. Wooow, miss P is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! It's a good sign she hates dirty diapers. She should be easy to potty train when that time comes:)



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