Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Can't...

I can't blog today. I am too busy relaxing in bed eating delicious eggplant parm from my dear Aunt Di who lives 5 houses down. See....

She also threw in some linguine with garlic and olive oil because she loves me. It was such a special treat to have her drop some off right after we got home from church.

It was a rough night. Hubby worked late which means I had to get all 6 kids out the door by myself. Its not an easy task. The older girls help alot but tonight they were too busy arguing with me over what they were going to wear. After letting them express some democracy I had to throw down the dictatorship and end the drama.

Im off, my food is calling my name. Im going to snuggle in and watch my sweet P sleep next to me and watch Seinfeld reruns and eat...

Im also texting my sister in law trying to convince her to have her blog go public... HI KLW!!



1 comment:

  1. sounds like good, good food! Bless your patient heart with the kids, I know what a circus going out with many little ones is like!

    Happy New Year!



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