Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday happenings

Tis the season!! Christmas is in full force in our home. Our tree has been up for almost 2 weeks and makes the house so cozy .Temperatures have dropped to about 40 during the day and 20's at night ( not happy) and I am already counting the days till summer hits in the south and our pool opens. I am not a cold-kinda gal.

My older girls had a semi-formal this weekend at church and they had a great time. Dress shopping was an experience but all in all, they got what they loved and were sent off happy (and amazingly beautiful)

This weekend we stopped off at Old Time Pottery. Its one of my favorite stores but since its kinda out of my way, I hardly ever go. Its a big warehouse full of housewares. Aisles of dishes, cups, glasses, forks, spoons, tupperware, picture frames, pillows and fabrics of every kind. The list goes on. Every variety and every color at your fingertip... for SUPER cheap. I came across Christmas mugs and gift bags and cookie bags so I picked up a bunch . The childrens Christmas play at church is this coming sunday so I must get busy on all the church teacher gifts. Im doing something simple this year. Gifts in a mug. All sweet treats. The mugs are adorable and they are a gingerbread theme. For some reason I have been gravitating towards everything gingerbread. LOVE IT!

I also found this great tin of Christmas cookie cutters at Aldi for $5. I could not resist. I used them yesterday to make some sugar cookie cutouts. Inside was a HUGE gingerbread man cookie cutter so I think we will make salt dough ornaments this weekend with that cookie cutter and I will let the kids paint them and slip them in the teacher gifts as well.

Last but not least, I finally highlighted my hair. I always do it myself and have been using the same kit since I was 15. LOVE it and love the results. So glad to check that off my list.

This week is busy. Im determined to finish my Christmas shopping so I can concentrate on wrapping. I just have to find motivation to go out in the cold. I kinda want to just stay in my bed under my warm down comforter.

But Im so excited Christmas time is HERE. I will spend the next few weeks completely celebrating our Saviour. Im so happy that I have Him to go to during this lifetime.

Friday night I received some heartbreaking news. A post is coming soon. I have to get my thoughts together. But it made me heartbroken to all those that don't know Christ and live life daily with such hopelessness and sorrow. That is a huge burden to bear and an unnecessary one, not when we have Christ to go to.

I hope you all have a wonderful day...

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  1. We have our tree up and got most of the ornaments up yesterday...all Precious Moments. Need to add a few more items, like tinsel to make it complete. Love this time of year! I almost bought some Christmas mugs at Goodwill the other day but put them back on the shelf because there is no room in my cupboards for more, even if it's just for Christmas! They are so fun! Hugs!



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