Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stood Up

This is what being stood up by Santa looks like :

Doesn't she look precious?? She fell asleep waiting in her shoes and gloves last night. Santa did not come by on the fire truck last night because someone had the NERVE to have a fire and tear him away from his social duties!!

No, just kidding. I hope and pray all is well and I hope tonight he makes up from being a very naughty Santa. ;)
I think I was more disappointed than the kids....

Anyway, last night snow was predicted for the mountains and even though not one tiny flake dropped anywhere near us, all the schools in the county closed. We did get rain and some ice roads but nothing major... at least to me.

Greenville County on the other hand thought different.... As of mid-morning the accident count was up to about 230. Im serious.

Who says southerners can't drive???

Hee hee

Anyway, since it was a proclaimed um snow... nope.... water day and public schools were closed because another state got the snow, we decided to cancel our home school as well.

See how happy we are:

So we braved the um... storm?? And ended up at Hobby Lobby where I picked up some more beads and crafts and fun things to keep me busy while we are... um getting rain?? See... I have so many ideas up my little sleeve.

Once we returned home I squealed with delight at all the Christmas cards in the mail. I just LOVE getting them and seeing everyones beautiful families. I think this is becoming one of my favorite parts of Christmas. See the card hanging right in the middle??? The big one?

That one just came today. Its my brother in law and sister in law and my niece and nephew. I put them in the middle because its just so stunning and their kids are just amazingly beautiful... thats because they look just like ME!!!! Minnie Aunt Gg's... don't ya think??

Now please know im just kidding and all my sweet dear relatives could spare the time of writing me on facebook and telling me they can't look like me because im not biologically related to them, just by marriage.

Well marriage smarriage. Just like me I tell you!

Hey, thats not a bad thing.;)

And I think ALL the children on all my cards are beautiful and special.

Speaking of cards... ours are currently flying the friendly skies and hopefully falling in a mailbox up north (and south and west) soon. I finally mailed mine. They came out so cute... but im not showing you yet... not until the receivers received them.

Im also super stoked that a current show that I will never admit to watching starts again on January 3rd!! It will not be dvr'ed in my bedroom and I will not be texting my favorite sissy-cindy lu the entire time chatting about it ( while im snuggled in my bed.)

Just sayin....

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  1. LOL about the snow, um rain day.

    I braved our 'storm' and headed to JoAnn's and they had the nerve, the nerve to close early so I wasn't able to get all my shopping done and ended up back there again on Friday.



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