Friday, June 20, 2008

A Bunch Of Mumbo-Jumbo

So its been a while since I blogged anything profound and meaningful, Im ok with that... for now. Not much going on in my life Thank God. Camp Rock premiers tonight and for those with children over 7 you know what Im talking about. Disney channel has done a wonderful job brainwashing my kids and I will be hearing the Jonas brothers singing thru my house for at least the next 3 weeks. Im exhausted and cranky. I need my coffee but am too lazy to make any. I will be lounging by the pool this morning and I can't wait. Im praying for a good day so I can enjoy the sun and splash. I will have over 10 kids at my home tonight as Im babysitting my girlfriends kids while she goes on date night with her Husband. PLUS the neighbor girls are coming over for the big movie. What was I thinking??? I must go. Time to start the spanish rice and beans for dinner. Yummm nothing changes my mood like the sweet simmering smell of my heritage!


  1. Who needs kids over 7 to know about the huge anticipation of CAMP ROCK! Hello!!! The Disney Channel is very good at brainwashing everyone! Ha, ha. I have been waiting three months for the glorious premier of this awesome new Disney Original movie! So, Neil and I TiVoed it and watched it when Mikade was asleep. I head a rumor that it was supposed to blow High School Musical out of the water - but I didn't think so. It was good, but I think the first HSM was still better. I have to say though, I was not a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers before this movie, but now I like them. Jo is my favorite! I think he's the best looking out of the three! Anyway - Yes, I'm a huge nerd because I love the Disney Channel - o well. Oh, and Mikade has a crush on Hannah Montana - he loves her singing and drops everything to stare at the TV when she comes on it's funny. So, now we have the anticipation of the new Cheetah Girl's One World movie - I think that looks good too. :) Can't wait. ;)

  2. Krissy- your so funny. I liked Camp Rock but was very very dis-appointed. Can't even touch HSM... BTW HSM/HSM2 stuff is on clearance at Limited Too... Buy one get TWO free. Lol!!! The girls have watched it about 4 times since friday



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