Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring Blooms

 I never knew the flower department at Lowes could bring me such joy! All those bushes, plants,vines and beautiful flowers. So many to choose from. My latest hobby has been "landscaping" my little yard. My home did come fully landscaped when we built it. Complete with sod, small bushes in the front and a cute q-tip they call a tree. In comparison to established neighborhoods... mine is bare. Im not a bare type of gal. I need trees, shade, plants, bushes, out-of-control vines and flowers galore. "All in due time Amy..." is what my hubby keeps telling me. So with little money in our budget for greens, I do the best I can. I had spent some mornings stalking certain homes and studying there habitat. I even hung out the window while Jason did a drive by to take picks so I could further study at home. Jason was not too informed of my intentions and got extremely angry when the owners were out front. My picture consists of a beautiful house and the Lady who owns it. Lets just say Jason might make me keep my camera at home. Anywhoo... Im starting small and smart. PERENNIALS! Pretty perennials. They bloom, grow and come back year after year. I bought some of my favorite flowers last week and finally planted them. The first picture is of a black-eyes susan. Very similar to a sunflower but just shorter. I plan on buying more of those to border all around my front garden alternating them with another perennial. I forget their names but they have small bluish-purple flowers. Very pretty. I also planted a butterfly bush. Its growing so big. Jason made fun of me and said no butterflies have found our development yet as it is brand new and vacant. But if we plant it they will come. Their sweet purple flowers are just starting to bloom and the butterflies are coming! Im so excited. I call it the "beef-bush" in honor of my Beef-cake in NY who used to catch butterflies from her bush in her yard when she was little. She also taught my girls to catch them too. I miss her. The last picture is one of my favorite flowers... The daisy. Its actually called an african bush daisy and can grow up to 6 FEET!!!WOW! I bought it for $2 at Bi-Lo. They were clearing them out. I LOVE sales! In addition to those Im starting to plant Hostas around the sides of my home along with a white Hydrangea bush (In honor of Jasons great grandma mama. he says she had them... All grandmas do) Im hoping it grows huge and hides out AC unit!! I will post more pictures when I plant and keep you posted on how many I kill! Just kidding.

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  1. sa-weet love the new plants bloomin can I bribe you with come coffee drinks to come over and help me figure out what to do with my yard lol! I stink at it :)



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