Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Yesterday my Emma Paige turned 11 years old. At exactly 2:53 pm another year passed. This was her very first birthday in South Carolina and I was a bit concerned. Last year we celebrated her birthday over her grandpa's house. It was a huge birthday/going away party. She scored major cash,cake and had everyone we knew there. How could we top that? So far this year her birthday was a flop. Her birthday party had to be cancelled saturday due to no rsvp's and the day of her "party" it poured buckets so we couldn't even go in the pool. She received birthday money in the mail on monday (whoo-hoo) and as anyone related to me would think..."TIME TO GO SHOPPING!!!" The night before the big day I decorated the entire kitchen in Camp Rock. jason picked it up to surprise her, we had chocolate chip birthday pancakes for breakfast and then off to the mall we went. She had some major money in her wallet and it was burning a hole fast. First stop... the GAP (for me) Hey,I knew what I was in for and treated myself in advance for an extremely stressful afternoon. Then we hit Claire's. Emma didn't know what to hit first. Molly and Hannah ran around making mental lists of everything they will buy on their birthday. Noah and Abby were still content. Emma purchased a few things, all make-up and then off to her favorite store... LIMITED TOO. They were having major blow-out sales and she went bonkers. I spent the next hour shopping for clothes with her, hearing Noah scream and having Abby hanging on my hip... But Emma was so happy. She kept on coming up to me and telling me "MOM, this is the best day EVER!!!." What mom does not want to hear that? She bought (if I remember correctly) 2 sequined purses, an E bling necklace, sunglasses, a journal, 2 cases of make-up, gum, Nintendo game for her DS, 2 awesome shirts, capri's and I think thats all.
 The rest of the day was just hanging out. I made her favorite dinner and I made the cake. She had her dinner on the RED PLATE (our family tradition for birthdays and im special days) She asked me if friends could come over for cake...sure why not. She has 3 girlfriends who all live in the 3 houses across the street (funny huh) and they all are about the same age as my older girls. So I walked outside to tell them it was cake-time and found Kevin and Carrie...and baby EmmaJean on my front lawn.(they are Allie's of the older girls) They had bought Emma a beautiful cookie cake because they felt bad her birthday was a bummer. We chatted and invited them in a s well for singing and cake. Chocolate and cookies were followed by running around the yard and sparklers. Lots and lots of little screaming girls and sparklers. My Emma's day turned out better than ever. She had a blast. My heart was smiling. I was combing her hair yesterday and re-told her all about the day she was born. She loved hearing those stories. I tried to hold in the tears. Where did the time go??? I can't believe it was ever just her and me.... I do love her!! Happy Birthday Em.
P.s. She got a new mountain bike and a locket from us ;)

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  1. Hooray! I'm glad Emma ended up having a great day! The Camp Rock B-day stuff is so cute! Thanks for sharing all the pictures! She's so beautiful - give her hugs and kisses for me!



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