Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today's show and tell is the Historic West End in Downtown Greenville. We LOVE downtown and this beautiful area is one of the main reasons why we moved here. Its picture perfect beautiful and resembles a movie set. The Historic West End contains so much history. You can see it as you walk by. The old mill brick buildings converted into the most unique shops and eateries. The West End is also home to the Greenville drive baseball team. We have a beautiful stadium... clean and neat and so cute. Restaurants surround the front and they even have a playground for the kiddies that get bored! I took these pictures today. We had an appointment near here and decided to stroll thru. Jason and I will be getting tickets to a few games this summer and I can't wait!!! This is a short post as I have church tonight and need to get there early. Im working in the baby nursery and can't wait. I LOVE holding all those teeny babies!!! I called Elizabeth (our babysitter) and booked her for Friday night...(well almost booked her, she has to call back) Its DATE NIGHT!!! YAAA. We will be off to Friday night Jazz downtown and I can't wait. Now what shall I wear??? Night!!!


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  2. So cute! I have loved looking at all of the pictures in your area - it's definitely beautiful and charming And it looks clean! I bet you love the cleanliness! These pictures remind me of down town Ogden - there is even a baseball diamond with a park! Ha, ha. Even thought it's nice, Neil and I don't usually hang out in that area though!

  3. oh I love going downtown too its so pretty, I think Greenville has the best downtown area, oh I hope you guys have a blast and I am sure you will find some cute Gap attire for the occasion ;)



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