Monday, May 11, 2009

My Day part 2

Today is my birthday! Its not over yet... its just beginning. My kids are in the kitchen baking up a storm and dinner will be delicious!!
 During my trip to the grocery store, I passed one of my favorite super special treats. Stuffed Cherry peppers. Ever try them? I was first introduced to them by a friend back in NY. Whenever we would gather together, she would bring along one of her famous Kathleen Salads... oh, the memories. It was a delicious bowl of greens,veggies,garlic and seasoning topped with theses awesome round delights. Oh boy... they had me at hello.
 Sam's club sold them by the jarful. Im not talking about a mayo jar, I mean a J-A-R... barrel jar. For 9.99 I indulged all day till my hearts content... or I was sick. Whichever came first. (Did I happen to mention I was pregnant with #5 at the time?? Maybe thats why she is so feisty?) Anyway... After her birth, I was showered with delicious meals and jars of stuffed cherry peppers. They are contained in olive oil and stuffed with a chunk of perfectly aged provalone cheese and wrapped with prosciutto. Oh the goodness!
 Since I moved to the south I have not been able to find these Italian delicacies... until I walked past the deli-bar. Low and behold there they were. I quickly scooped up a few and ran happily to the register. They are not always there, but when they are... I buy them!! They don't taste as good as the ones back home... for lack of pure Italian-americans in the south I'm sure ;)... nothing beats their cooking!!!! But they satisfy my craving and make me happy! On Our next trip back up to Ny , we will certainly be filling the car with one of a kind specialty foods only found on that wonderful island... I thought I would share my special find with you. A special treat... found on MY birthday! How special is that???

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