Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Weekend Garden Update...

"Oh Mr. Sun Sun Mister golden sun... please shine down on meeeee....."

Remember that song? Thats what I want to sing to the sky right now. We have had a bit of clouds the past... 3 WEEKS and are in desperate need of glorious sunshine. Despite the sometimes dreary weather my flowers have started to bloom. My pink roses are all over and my yellow roses have many buds on them. I can't wait to see what they look like!

My butterfly bush has bloomed and is taller than Molly!! In a few days it will be a burst with purple flowers everywhere!!!  Pinching back the leaves early in the season really helped it get "bushier" and huge. So glad I did that.

My sunflowers have not reached bloom time yet and probably won't for a while but they certainly are BIG! The fertilizer started kicking in and the leaves are growing big!!! My biggest one was accidentally planted right next to my echinachea... sadly I had to transplant it to where all the other ones were growing. She did NOT like that at all. She went into immediate shock right before my eyes. It was so strange. As I replanted and watered she literally started to shrivel. As crazy as this may sound I was so upset!! As any good flower mommy will do, I held an all day/ evening vigil and watered watered watered!!! I drowned that poor thing and when she was completely waterlogged... I drowned her some more.. for 2 days I kept a bedside vigil.... on day 3 I woke up and ran outside to see how she fared thru the night and lo and behold... She was upright and shining bright!!!! I was soo happy. We had to trim a few leaves in the process and she does look a bit battered but she survived and is now growing well!!! SHe is no longer the biggest but she is a close 2nd (or 3rd?)

My Daylillies have not bloomed yet but are pretty.

My Salvia are recovered and doing great! (I rescued her from the throw away bin at Lowes)

My Hydrangias are beautiful but have not bloomed?? This is year 2 and Im getting impatient!! I want flowers!!!

Hostas!!! Where to begin?? I was sure I lost those forever based on last years burnt leaves and sad production. But they came back this year bigger and better and 4 out of 5 have bloomed!!!

My Lilac bush( well actually twig...) Is great and tiny... but doing great!

Elephant ears are getting bigger. I love love love them. I think they are the absolute coolest plants EVER!!! My 3 in the front are doing well but my 4 in the back suddenly are very droopy??? ANy Idea?? I have been watering them like crazy but they won't perk up?? Im not happy. I will try and spend the day "fixing" them and making them better.

My Clematis is clinging to everything they touch. They certainly are twisty little critters. I only have one bud and waiting anxiously to see the pink and white flower that will emerge!. I have to buy Lattice for it to climb up soon or im in trouble.

I have more flowers and veggies to report on but that will have to come later. I must be off to Old Navy. $1 flip flops today for Memorial day and Im running out the door right after this post to stock up!!! and guess what colors will without a doubt make it in my cart....

You got it... P-I-N-K! 

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  1. I was at Old Navy last night. I guess I better go back today. heehee! Your garden sounds great. Look up cecille brunner rose on the internet. I just love it's little pink roses. It grows SO fast and blooms tons.



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