Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Scrumptious Surprise

I was so excited when Molly and Noah carried a big brown box over to me!! Our lovely mail-lady had brought a package!!
 Inside was exactly what I had been anticipating for over a month. My Gooseberry Patch Family Favorites Cookbook!
 Hubby and I have quite a collection of cookbooks. Most are still packed away in the garage with just a select few on our night stand for late night reading. Once we get our bookshelves we will proudly display them all. Hubby prefers the Wine and cheese variety as well as all William-Sonoma specialty. I do like them but they tend to lean toward the extravagant side... A side I LOVE to indulge but on a day to day basis, its just not practical. I prefer anything southern or Gooseberry. Im really growing my collection and have used many of their down home scrumptious finger-lickin good recipes. Many of which have become a GapGirl tradition and loved (and expected) by many.
 So, you can now imagine my excitement as I opened my new crisp book and sniffed the new pages. Hundreds of mouth watering meals and snacks just waiting to be tried by a very eager crew. 
 I highly recommend any Gooseberry Patch cookbook..large cookbook, booklet or spiral cookbook. You can order online or pick them up at General Stores/ Cracker barrel. Not only are their recipes wonderful but their stories are pure and beautiful! So go snuggle up with your favorite cookbook and become inspired.

Please join Kelli at her home for Show and tell Friday's...


  1. I love cookbooks too and Southern ones are my favorite. I just need to cook more to use some of the recipes but I read them like novels.

    The Raggedy Girl

  2. I'm not a huge cook - but if you find something yummy and simple send it my way! We get sick of always eating the same things! I need ideas for the babe too. He's kind of picky - I always try to feed him new stuff, but he always goes back to Mac and Cheese! ;) At least I do the half wheat so it's a little healthier for him! ;)

  3. You have a lovely looking family. Yes, I too live in the upstate and enjoy every minute of it. We travel quite a bit and I can say this is a haven to come home to.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. Isn't it wonderful when you find the perfect thing.........good for you.


  5. I love to just pull out cookbooks and read them for fun, even when I'm not cooking. And, I love the Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and regular books. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Oh how fun!! Can't wait to hear about all the delicious recipes!
    Love your red house and your family is precious!
    Happy Friday!



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