Thursday, June 11, 2009

13 Years...

In just a few weeks my beloved hubby and I will be celebrating 13 years of married bliss!!! We have 2 wedding anniversaries to be quite honest... 2 weeks apart. Thats a whole other blog, but for now I will focus on the legal one. July 2nd... 1996 we became man and wife.
It was a rainy day and our small outdoor ceremony was set for 6:30. It was a warm Long Island evening. I was thin as can be, tan and 20 years old!
My groom was 19. He had only been home for less than 48 hours. Prior to that he was living in Texas in school on an Air Force Base. I had seen him for only 5 days in the last 6 months. We started dating the end of Summer 1995. 2 months later he was shipped off to basic training. We were separated for 2 more months and then spent Christmas 1995 together. It was then we knew we should never be apart. He left January 2nd 1996 and I was crushed. I sat with him at the airport. Him 18 and I 19. I sobbed and sobbed as he, dressed in full military blues, waited to board his flight. Those were the days of walking to the gate together. I soaked his perfectly pressed shirt with my tears and didn't want to let go. I watched and sobbed as his plane took off. I knew he would not be home for 6 long months . People pointed and stared at me but I didn't care. My heart was broken. I sat by the window as his plane disappeared out of sight wondering how I would survive the wait.
We decided to get married a week later, over the phone. Plans were made. I didn't care what the plans were as long as we were together. My beautiful dress was bought at Macy's for $50. My shoes were classic sandals. And my jewelry of coarse was pearls. Anyone that knew me expected nothing less.
A 2 day visit for Memorial day weekend sealed the deal with a beautiful ring. A ring that I didn't even anticipate but of coarse was exactly what I had wanted.
The decision to say "I do" was of no choice at all. It was what I was put on earth to do... Be his partner through this journey.
I has been quite a ride so far. From being a young military bride, to a mother of 5. We have grown up together and have shared the best times and the worst times.
Some people say you need your own identity in a marriage... I completely disagree. Two become one and with one... you cannot separate.
I believe thats the problem with marriage now-a-days. To get something beautiful, you have to give of yourself. Wholeheartedly. Hold nothing back.
These 13 years flew by. I still am so thankful I can lay down next to him at night and smell his scent and know he is there. The boy who caught my eye at Mcdonalds and made a bet to take me out is now the father of my children,my partner in crime, the love of my life and my everything...
Ronny- You bet Jason a million dollars that he would marry me.... Looks like you won that bet!
Grimace- No, he can't leave me alone...
All those heartbroken girls left in the dust- I won... You didn't even have a chance ;)
My Gapboy- See... Romeo and Juilet CAN have a happy ending...


  1. A former military USN wife, I know those tears, the separations ... we have survived so much in life BUT thru the humps & bumps, the curvy paths ... we just celebrated 48.

    My wish to you in celebrating your joy in your anniversary is that you make it to your 50th. I also wish for you the joy in teaching & showing your children that marriage is a lasting commitment, something that is very uncommon anymore amongst the young ones.

    God bless & keep you both in love & joy.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Awe, that was so beautiful. Congratulations on 13 years! I want you to know I have that exact picture still in our living room and I look at it almost daily! I love it. Crazy, Just a few hours ago Neil and I were talking about our 10 year coming up! Wow, it's amazing! Time flies when you are having fun ~ Especially with the two best Wyler men ever! ~ Not even Wyler, - the two best men ever! ;)



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