Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Precious Emma

Turns 12 tomorrow! I can't believe it. Where did the time go? Its not fair! I would give anything to have her little just for one day. My very first baby girl.
Right now she is fast asleep, upstairs in her bed, all tan from the sun. She will have to be woken up because she likes to sleep late. She is starting to hate the color pink (GASP) and wears bras?! She is getting bigger by the second and their is nothing I can do about it. One minute she has the attitude of the dreaded teen and in the next second she is wanting to still cuddle in my lap.
The story of her birth is a private one. A story I share with a select few. She does not even know the whole story as I leave certain parts out. They will come with time. It still is painful to talk about. The older I get the more it hurts. I realize how young and naive we were. We didn't know we were seconds away from planning a funeral for our precious baby girl. I always remind myself that God is good and push those feelings away. I have her here. Healthy, happy and beautiful!!!
This year was a special birthday. Daddy was taking her out on the town. She had no idea where she was going or what the plans were. We teased her endlessly and drove her crazy. Even the other children were filled with suspense... the secret was ours. The perfect outfit was chosen (for both) and I convinced a very overprotective daddy to let me add some lipgloss and sparkly eyeshadow. After all, she was going on her first date. You have to look your best!
Once the big black van headed out of our driveway, the secret was spilled to the remaining kids. After some drama tears from Hannah, we waited. The babies were in bed and Hannah and I hung out in the backyard watering the garden... wondering how her special night was going. A few texts and pictures from hubby confirmed the surprise was a success! She was thrilled!
A few hours later, they were back! She returned grinning from ear to ear while eating an ice cream sunday. We gathered in the kitchen and listened to her tell her story all about Willy Wonka on stage!!!
The birthday celebration does not end there. As always traditions go on. Birthdays are no exception! On the eve of the birthday while everyone is fast asleep the house is decorated! Plates, streamers, signs... the works. When the birthday girl/boy wakes up, the house is turned into party mode. I started this tradition the moment we were married never realizing I would continue 13 years later. If you have known me long enough/visited me during your special day or have lived with me then you have experienced a GapGirl birthday! The "red" plate will be brought out (a VERY coveted item in our home) and you are the queen/king. Everyone in this home looks forward to their birthday.
Tomorrow will be no different. I have cakes to bake, sparklers to light, confetti bombers to set off and 5 very excited children.
So, to my Emma Paige. You are a true gift from God. You were brought to this earth with a special mission and purpose. You were our first! Our special baby who smelled so sweet and was so tiny. I could have smelled you all day. I miss our naps together. I miss you little and dancing in your princess pajamas. I miss the days of just me and you. So tomorrow when you wake up I might hug you a bit longer, kiss you a bit more and perhaps cry a tear or to. It will be laughed at and pushed away. I sometimes embarrass you, but thats ok. Your my baby and I never want you to EVER forget how much you are loved!

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma what a beautiful blog Amy! You guys are wonderful and I love your birthday tradition that is the neatest!!! Hope to see you all soon!!! *hugz*



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