Friday, June 5, 2009

Don't You Just Love It?

Don't you just love when people place the blame on others for THEIR bad behavior or habits? Yes my faithful readers... Its time to get out my soapbox once again!
 I just recently read one moms complaint on why superstores stink. She claims to think its because they secretly want to steal your money... and because of her blowing her money there, its all America's fault... " Its bred in us to spend."
 I could not help but laugh at this insane, unrealistic way of thinking.
 Let me correct this... after all this is MY blog therefore naming it.. "If only everyone thought this way..." A.K.A MY way. Hee hee.
Correction #1- All stores want to steal your money. Even your beloved Publix. Which is why they are overpriced beyond anyone else. And why they pump up prices right before a sale. This also includes Target, Stride rite and any other Politically Correct store... Or should I say a store you love to be caught shopping in but really can't afford.

Correction#2- There are no money elves who sneak around Wal-mart throwing things in your carts and making you buy things you never normally would.

Correction #3- It IS America's fault and the woman proclaiming these ridiculous faults are the first on the list! So instead of throwing the blame on someone else and joining the bandwagon... why not fix your bad spending habits?? How easy would that be? Its not "in" us to blow our money where it should not be blown, its the result of keeping up with the Joneses and having to have what everyone else has.

I've always said our needs are very simple. Its our wants that will kill us. If only we Americans can simply really separate our true needs from our most wants, life would be so much easier.
Don't get me wrong. I love something nice just like the next person but I won't go into debt to have it, I won't deny I can't afford it and I won't cower in a corner ashamed to say...

"I shop at Wal-mart and I LIKE it."

Ok, thats it, Im done. My soap box will retreat back under my bed... for now.


  1. Someone throwing bars of 'soap' at you ... chuckle!!! Come out from under the bed now ... You nailed it right on the head ... NOW if I were to speak forth, which normally I would, I'd have been 'blogged' to death! You go girl, simple, sweet & to the point ... my kind of gal!

    TTFN ~Marydon
    PS I love the kid-lings, they are beautiful.

  2. I love Wal-mart and Target. I love more staying home and leaving my money in my bank account and working on getting rid of purchases made with no wisdom in my youth. Simplify!!

    The Raggedy Girl

  3. Amen sister! I have to say that multiple times I have found the same item a lot cheaper at Target than Wal-mart. And, who knows if it's really true, but I have heard that Wal-mart uses a lot of psychology and specific target items to make people think their prices are a lot less expensive than their competitors. So, yes, I shop there, but I still shop around and compare!



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