Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Friends...

Nothing says Christmas better than an afternoon shared with like minded friends. Today I linked up with Jen from LETTERS FROM LA-LA LAND along with some other homeschooling church families for some casual, no-pressure Christmas fun. Jen's house had a spread even Martha Stewart would be jealous of. Every Christmas cookie one could imagine, Hot cocoa, Chocolate coffee, candies, wraps, home-made cheese and chicken spread and TONS of holiday cheer. I tried not to make an utter pig out of myself but failed. Thats ok though. When your surrounded by friends (and delicious food) its all good!
We were blessed by the southern sun and enjoyed the kids running around outside. As I was driving home and reflecting on the day, I was thankful to have that bit of an oasis in the middle of the holiday rush week. I enjoyed seeing her home that she worked so hard on and feeling the love that abided their. (not to mention those delicious turkey wraps that kept appearing on my plate;)
The heart of her home, the kitchen, smelled like candyland! The kids piled in and snuck cookies and treats when they thought we weren't looking. Where were the Moms you ask??
Pretending not to notice a thing as we fully enjoyed adult conversation!
Now its back to the Christmas grindstone. Im way behind on wrapping and the next couple of days will consist of baking and prepping for our 2 day feast! By Christmas night we will all be exhausted. It will take days to have order back in the house again... but I will look back on our Christmas afternoon with friends and smile.

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  1. I had such a good time today, too! I chuckled everytime I saw your little man sneak his hands into the pretzels and look to see if anyone noticed! :) Too adorable. Have a wonderful, merry, happy Christmas with your family!



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