Sunday, December 20, 2009

Today's To-Do's...

We are back to our 7th heaven. All of our house guests have packed their bags and are now safe at home with the ones they hold dear. After church (and my Sunday nap) I started putting my house back together and re-adjusting to our small family of 7.
Are you ready for this week??? 5 days till CHRISTmas! The excitement has reached a whole other level in our home. School has been officially flung out the window along with everyones attention span.
I have forgotten all that needs to be done, so out comes my cute clipboard and let the lists begin. Order needs to take place in my head before I can set the stage for my home.

So, today with prayer and love I hope to get some of this accomplished. Being Monday, this will be a mix of the holiday week list and daily list. But after a jam-packed December filled with visitors and vacations, I vow to keep the reason for this season on the forefront of this week.I rebuke busyness and stress. I pray to have peace reign in my home and use every opportunity I can to reflect on a great year and teach my children the true meaning of Christmas. With careful planning and lots of prayer, I hope it can be accomplished.

1) Put all Laundry away

2) Clean Master bedroom/Bathroom

3) Re-organize Master bath linen closet =)

4) Work on reading with Molly

5) Begin to construct Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day feast menu!

6)Make final Christmas shopping list

7) Review New Years Eve Party invitation ( and think of outfit;)

8) Go to craft store for more Christmas lights

9) Wrap Wrap Wrap

10)Finish Christmas cards

Is it wrong that my to-do list consists on making long lists?? Yikes.

What is on your agenda for this Christmas week?


  1. Chores don't seem as bad when Christmas is only 4 days away!! Have a great Monday!

  2. lots and lots to do! I wish I had the concentration right now to even make a list. good for you :)
    hey, can I put your homeschool (the one about the village) button on my blog?? I love it!

  3. That's a considerable 'To-Do list'!:) I've got a considerable one myself.

    Yay! Cannot wait for Christmas.



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