Saturday, November 22, 2008

Till Death Do They Part...

The family and I attended the most beautiful wedding last night. We almost didn't make it, Jason was working late, dinner was not making itself and the 3 cups of coffee I drank earlier were not motivating me enough to get 5 children dressed in their best on a cold Friday night... But I had no choice, wedding bells were in the air at our home. The kids kept looking at the clock and wondering what Ms. Brittaney was doing at this EXACT moment, they asked about the dress, the music, the honeymoon... the dress, the dress (did I say that already?) I have 4 girls, so you can imagine the daydreams going on in their heads. Molly of coarse kept asking if their baby was getting ready to come down from heaven... I couldn't help but laugh inside... little do the two of them know that a little 4 year old is already waiting and hoping for a new Baker.."Do they have names yet? Will the baby be at the wedding...??"
Well, all things worked out and we were on our way. In true GapGirl fashion we were LATE!! Jason practiced his road rage quite well and I attempted to run in 4 inch high heels while carrying a baby AND going downhill... I managed not to kill myself and we slipped up to the balcony.
The sanctuary was beautiful. It was peaceful and there was something in the air that night... You knew love was abound.
My girls had their faces plastered up against the glass and I quietly envied them... I wish I could have done that myself. Before long the music started and there she was... as white as snow walking towards the man she loved... I could not see anything else as my eyes filled with tears. There is something so symbolic about weddings. I glanced over at Jason who was staring and smiling. I whispered and told him I was crying, He laughed at me and smiled.
The rest of the ceremony went by quickly. I went downstairs with the other parents of toddlers and watched the rest of the wedding thru the open doors. I glanced at them at the alter exchanging vows,keys,dreams and pouring sand. I envied their innocence, their naivety on life and what the future holds. I wanted to tell them that the love for each other today was just a small glimpse of the love they will have for each other in the future. I wanted to tell them that the deep love they have for each other now pales in comparison to the love they feel for each other when they hold their baby for the first time. Do they know the days of sorrow they will share together behind closed doors will only make them grow stronger and each fight they have just proves how much they love each other? No, they don't... but they will find out together. Just like Jason and I did. Everyone has a story and last night, they began theirs.
The ride home was filled with smiles (and some snores from sleeping babies.) I glanced over at Jason and wondered where 12 years went. He still seemed like the boy from Mcdonalds who made a bet with John to ask me out. He took a chance and the rest is history.
It hasn't always been an easy life. We have shared our times of joy together and times of sorrow but through it all love was there.
A Church Mother once told me that you can't have a life of sunshine... as constant sun brings a drought but its the rain and storms that bring the beautiful flowers... Oh how true that is.

So, to Andrew and Brittaney Baker, we wish you happiness,joy and peace. Always remember how much you love each other and be each others best friend. Talk together,cry together and laugh together... and in true GapGirl fashion I wish you many many many beautiful little Bakers...;o.
God Bless
November 21,2008


  1. Oh, Amy...that was so beautiful...I am struggling right now and the words of the church mother brought tears to my much as I want every day to be does need a little rain. I love your blog and thanks for letting us look in your window!

  2. Hi Michelle.... who are you? Just curious as I know a few me please xoxo

  3. That was so beautiful! My little brother got married yesterday - it was such an amazing day!



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