Monday, November 3, 2008

What I Want My Kids To...

Next Monday my UCM group is having a "Turn your tv off and read" night.I quickly signed up. I should sign up for "Turn your tv off during the day..." as thats what I have been doing for the past 3 weeks... or at least trying to. No tv during the day came about when I started homeschooling. We do most activities around our table and the big flat screen was a big interference. So, we used to put the tv on in our bedroom for the little ones. 3 weeks ago I stopped that. Tv tends to separate instead of pull together so I conducted an experiment. See how little we can actually turn the tv on. The first week was tough, we went thru withdrawal but somehow survived. The next week got a bit better and by the 3rd week we kinda forgot we even wanted to watch tv during the day. My plan is working and the togetherness has started. I posted pictures of one of our nights. I was trying to systematically change the babies in their jammies. (Molly still has trouble getting her shirt off so while she waited for me to get back to her, she finished her skit) when the entertainment started. I was graced with a skit performed by each child. True imaginations at work. I LOVED it. I loved to hear the characters they created and the giggles from the other kids as they watched. I too shouted MORE MORE when each one was done. This type of family time is what I want for my family... what I want them to crave when they grow up. I want them to become productive members of society and realize that they will leave home and create a world for themselves. I also want them to always think that no matter how good their meal was on sunday... Sauce should always be on the menu. I want them to realize that sleeping alone is over-rated, a quite home is not a home at all and popcorn should never EVER be eaten without M and M's. I want them to explore the world and see all the great wonders but secretly count the seconds till they get back. I want them to feel whole and complete when surrounded by all of their siblings.(however many that will be) I want them to tell their boyfriends that they never had a real dinner until they had it around their family table. I want them to think no one makes a better thanksgiving meal like their Mama. I want them to suddenly burst into laughter at work,school,or store when they think of the fun they used to have playing games together. I want them to come back for more games together. I want my kids to associate September with Apple Pie, January with hot chocolate and May with tomato plants. I want them to walk thru the door of their parents home and realize its one of the only safe places in the world where your loved unconditionally,always welcome and 100% complete. I want so much for all of my kids, I pray I can give them all...

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