Sunday, November 30, 2008

R.I.P Percy And James...

Last week Jason and my father-in-law set up Noahs fish tank in his room. The excitement was at an all time high. The kids love fish and have been watching the Nemo movie every day for the last month!! The boys worked hard and traveled Greenville to find just the right additions to our home. After many hours of banging, crashing,kids running up and down the stairs to give reports... the tank was done!! The fish were in and 5 little faces were pressed up against the glass. 3 pretty blue devils now called our little red house home! Grandpa set the rules down. NO BANGING THE TANK!!! NO CARS THROWN AT THE TANK!!! NO TOYS IN THE TANK!!! After a few seconds of disappointment, the excitement returned and they were entertained. Every morning the kids would wake up and run to see their new pets. The fish were greeted by smiling faces and a huge yell from Molly. Yes, you read that right. Molly insists on getting as close to the tank without actually touching it and yelling at the poor fish. Regardless of each childs strange behavior towards the trio, they were loved and named... Thomas, James and Percy.
 Yesterday Dr. Fishdaddy noticed they were not doing well. They were not eating and not swimming as freely as they should have been. We told the kids they were just sleeping and resting behind the rock. Last night after many laughs and good tv, fish-daddy came down the stairs and gave us some grim news... while the kids were sleeping 2 out of the three fish passed away to fish heaven. We are pretty certain #3 is not far behind. I recommended praying for the fish but I have a good idea that his destiny has already been planned.
 This morning over the monitor we heard the concerns of the fishes location... "where are the fish Hannah?" "Are they sleeping Hannah?" My big girl covered ever so nicely and said they were sleeping. I know Molly thinks they escaped through the filter, just like her hero Nemo!!
 As I was taking the pictures of the tank for my blog this morning I stuck my face close to the glass and saw little ol Thomas... all alone hiding behind his rock mourning the loss of his brothers. His tail is not so yellow and he is not as bright as before. Its almost time for him to leave us. Thats understood as it takes someone tough and strong to be a member of this family. The weak are weeded out!
 Fish-daddy assures me its normal to lose the first set of fish when creating a salt-water environment. Once the tank goes thru a normal cycle, fish will thrive and live longer than a few days. Im sure the kids think the fish went thru the filter during their Ring of fire ceremony, I believe those fish were not suited for our family... not tough enough for our crowd. Whatever the reasons were, they were loved and will be missed by many cute little faces. They are now swimming freely in the heavens.
James and Percy
11/26-11/29, 2008

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  1. What a sad tale. I am sorry but I think that salt water does take time and a few fish must sacrifice all for the good of those who will follow. I hope your sweet children continue to believe they just did a "Nemo"

    Roberta Anne



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