Thursday, November 13, 2008

Help Hunger

Jason and I found out about the organization a few years ago. We loved the idea but quickly forgot. This year He came across it again and did not want to forget. We decided to participate and include the children.
 A small $20 donation can provide a flock of chickens to a very needy family. They can use the chickens for eggs and food... and raise baby chickens which will double and even triple their gift. They must pass along a baby or two from their new flock to someone else in need. An even bigger donation can buy rabbits,goats,cows,ducks,and even water buffalo.
 Last night at dinner, before church, we discussed the Heifer organization and what they do. We decided to make a Heifer jar so we can slip some money in it to donate. Together we want to help bless another family since we are so blessed ourselves.
 Yesterday we went to the dollar store and helped pick out toys for Samaritans Purse... another awesome outreach. It also goes by the name Shoebox gifts. You fill up a shoebox with little toys and trinkets (mostly dollar store) They are wrapped and shipped to other countries and given to little children all over the world. They are also told about Jesus and the wonderful gift He gave us.
 The kids had a great time picking out things. Molly really impressed me. She walked up and down those aisles reminding everyone else that we were there to pick out toys for poor kids...NOT US!! She picked out crayons and a bouncy ball and a stuffed animal. Hannah and Emma picked out socks,play cars and more stuffed animals. They made me proud! We left the store with no fits,screams or tantrums. (I did have to remind the older ones that we were NOT there for them...a few times.)
 As the Christmas season approaches, it is a great opportunity to really teach our children about the true meaning of Christmas. That Christmas is not about the gifts we get, its about the gifts we give. Christmas is A season of blessing others because Christ has blessed us more than we can ever know. 
 I urge you to find the true meaning of Christmas this year, its not found in stores but in your heart.

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