Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Wonders

Its Sunday night, the babies are sleeping, the older girls and my hubby are watching O-L-D episodes of Tom and Jerry. We are finding it quite humorous and very NOT PC... if you catch my drift.
 I was updating my facebook page when I realized how busy this month is becoming. Im starting to get flustered by all the blue marks on my calendar. Between homeschooling my kids (im going to start Molly this week) Therapy sessions, church events, drama practices and holiday happenings, my days are starting to fill. 
 The rolling starts this week. I have a park playdate tomorrow afternoon. The weather is starting to get crisp so we will take advantage of the fall weather and run off some steam at this awesome park nearby. Im also hosting a Thankful  play date at my home this thursday. Some Moms and their kids will be coming over to trace their hands for our Thanksgiving tree. WE got 2 packages in the mail so far... keep them coming!!! My UCM fall Clothing exchange is also this Saturday morning. Im hosting so I have to go AND have to deliver all left over donations to a local womens shelter. Fun Fun. Its for a good cause so I should be more excited about it.
 This may not sound crazy to any of you, but just keeping up with daily events in our home, schooling the kids and regular church activities... it adds up to A LOT!
 Like I mentioned earlier, Molly will begin "formal" lessons this week. I use the term formal loosely because I prefer a more eclectic way of schooling my children. So far its been a success and Im sure Molly will be no different. She is eager, ready and willing to do any work handed to her. I might as well take advantage of her enthusiasm while she craves the knowledge. 
 Emma's drama lessons have been going great! She enjoys expressing her body thru worship songs and have been establishing close friendships with other youth members. She started at just the right time. All the seniors left for college so the new drama groups are young and moldable. According to Mr. Joel, in a few years they will be OUTSTANDING at all the fine arts festivals. I can't wait to go see her win awards. Thursday nights have worked great for me as well. I drop her off and have a whole 90 minutes ALL TO MYSELF> I don't know what to do... or actually I have too many ideas. I feel like a kid in a candy store, all giddy with the thought of this "new" found freedom. Last week I met up with a group of my girlfriends at Starbucks. We drank coffee and laughed. This week will be different. I have my christmas list and plan on shopping for my kiddies. Its rare that I ever leave the house without them, so I will use my time wisely.
  Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. I have already gone shopping for my endless 4 star meal I have planned. I can't wait. My garage is full of all sorts of ingredients that will turn into mouth watering goodness. In about 2 weeks the baking will begin, followed by cooking and freezing. My list is almost complete, I have a handful of items left to buy. Some will have to wait till a few days before. Either way Im trying to get a head start before the frenzy begins. This will be a great way to teach my older girls how to manage dinner guests, a large menu and an intimidating (or so some people think)meal. I never want them to be scared of making large meals!!! Jason took off the WHOLE holiday week. That will help immensely as my honey-do list is always running.
 I posted some random weekly pictures of the kids. They helped assemble halloween goody bags for the neighbors, hung up the first few "leaves" we received in the mail and played with the neighbors in our backyard. They created some sort of hill-kickball game and LOVED it. I hope everyone has a great week. Check back soon for Halloween pictures and more family news...

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