Saturday, November 15, 2008


here it is, the color I wanted my walls for so long... until I actually put it on my walls. Its just too... well you get the picture. It actually looks nicer in the pictures. Then I turn my head and look around and want to cry. Im off to lowes right now to get choice #2 on the swatch. Im praying this won't take too much sweat and tears and panic attacks. My poor body can only take so much...


  1. i think the pic of the wall coming over to your kitchen looks really good, it does look like a different shade though in the other ones, I don't get why paint looks one way on a swatch but not on your walls, I wish I could come over and see! you have to let me know when you want to come by here :)

  2. I think it looks nice - I'm serious I really like it. (But obviously I'm not seeing it in person.) I like it - because if I were willing to put forth the time and effort I would want to paint my kitchen walls a mustard yellow - too bad you just can't automatically transfer that color to my kitchen! :( Good luck painting! It's such a huge job!



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