Wednesday, November 19, 2008

8 Days Till....

Today is day 3 of Kelli's House of THANKS. I have many many things to be Thankful for... too many to try to list all of them... But I will list a few...

1) MY KIDS!!! I am so Thankful for my 5 awesome kids. I think I love them more and more every day. They are smart,amazing,incredible and of coarse beautiful. I have enjoyed homeschooling them this year and hope to have many more years together. My life would be so empty without all of them.
2) My handsome Hubba Hubba!! We have been married over 12 years and I still get excited when he walks thru the door from a day of work. I still count the hours till the weekend and still would rather spend my time with him instead of a night out with friends.Plus He gave me my awesome kids!! That alone is enough to love him forever ;)
3) My "Little" red house. We never thought owning a home would be possible... let alone a 4 bedroom one. We prayed and prayed as a family and God took us 800 miles away from home and to this certain location to give us our dream. We saw it emerge from clay and picked out every feature. It was beyond a blessing and beyond and answer to prayer. It just goes to show you how GOOD GOD IS! I have since given my home over to Him to bless others every chance I get. I vowed my home would be a way to Show Gods love to every one that walks thru my door...
4) JESUS!!! Thats the best gift. Without Him we would all be nothing. He is sooo good to all of us even though we don't deserve it.
5) My church. Finding a church can be tough but deciding to sacrifice to a church is even harder. I love what being part of a church family has taught me, I Love serving in my church and being a part of the body of Christ. You should try it!

These are just a slim few of my few favorites, like I said earlier... the list can go on and on but its always nice to reflect on everything we do have!

(Tomorrow Im posting pictures of my awesome-ly huge Thanksgiving tree, so stay tuned!)


  1. What a sweet post...and love your red house!

  2. Makes me want to paint my house red! :) That church looks like a postcard. How sweet!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing...the power of prayer is amazing!


  4. Oh, NO! Don't post pictures of the tree yet! :( - Our hands are going in the mail tomorrow I promise!!!! I made them super cute too!!!

  5. Also, is that really a picture of YOUR church!? Or just a picture of one that resembles it? It's super cute! Recently, there was vandalism to four churches here in Layton - so sad, it breaks my heart. I'm so glad our church wasn't one of them. I pray for the people who could do such a thing.

  6. I love this post! So sweet and such great photos!
    Linda C



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