Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Ramblings...

4 days till Turkey day but who's counting??? I AM!! The holidays are in full swing at my home. Jason has the whole week off and I have been working him to the bone... don't feel bad for him, he secretly LOVES it!!
 My to-do list is so long I had to convert our family wipe-off board into my brain. I also have a few lists categorized in my organizer stored in my purse... away from prying eyes. Tomorrow the cooking starts,followed by cleaning and a bright and early 6 a.m wake-up call wednesday morning. Shoppers are not high on my lists of likes and during the holidays I have road rage equivalent aimed at people who crowd the aisles. For my safety (and the safety of others)I hit the stores before the sun-rise and am happily at home before the mess. I hope to finish 75% of my christmas shopping then AND pick up a few cute things for the house at my favorite store. Wednesday is also the first day family will be over, I need to come up with some good crock-pot breakfast recipes good enough to feed a very hungry crowd.
 The general rule in our home is... NO Christmas anything until AFTER Thanksgiving. I hate the fact that society tends to skip this holiday because of the lack of money it generates...but this year I broke my own rule. I can't help it. Something has come over me and im ready to celebrate the season. So, as you can imagine, once the Turkey is in our bellies, Santa and our tree will be quickly emerging. I will be sure to post.
 Thats it for my weekly update, I will be sure to post daily happenings for all of my friends who could not spend this day with us!

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  1. Our hubby's must feel so loved being needed so bad with our lists.
    Happy Thanksgiving.



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