Monday, November 17, 2008

Twas 10 days Before Thanksgiving...

Next week is the BIG day. I can't wait. Im finalizing and re-writing my menu!! The house is getting cleaner (slowly) and the kids keep asking me when will we start baking.
  Stay tuned each day as I start to post all pre-holiday activities... and of coarse the final picture of that delicious grand ol Tom turkey! Yum Yum...
Giving Thanks


  1. Good luck as you get ready. I think the color you chose for the walls is great. LOVE your front door. It looks so inviting. Whatever you did to the columns (corn??) is really cute.

  2. Why Thank you Lady "Dove." Yes those were corn stalks around my front porch, Now I can't wait for Christmas. It will be our very first Christmas in our home and I don't know how to decorate. Time to hit Hobby Lobby for some ideas. Thanks for stopping by

  3. I love your red house! Is it the only one in the neighborhood??




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